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2019-2020 Remote Learning

2019-2020 Remote Assured Learning

We love and miss our Wildcats! This is new territory for our students, parents and teachers alike.  Please be patient while we work hard to roll out our new learning plan thoughtfully.  Our families health, safety and well being are most important to us during this trying time. 

We are here to assist you with learning, mental health, and resources.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. You may contact your student's teacher by emailing or calling them directly, or you may call the office at 720-685-5300 or email Julie Bozeman: or Cynthia Arellanes:

Rollout schedule:

April 2, 2020-Teachers will contact ALL families to check-in and see what needs the families have to help faciltate implementation of Remote Assured Learning. (Depending on number of students in a class and length of conversations this may go into April 3rd also).

April 7, 2020-Remote Assured Learning begins.  Students will have information emailed from teachers each week