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Drive-Thru Student Belonging Pickup Event

This is your chance to pickup all of your students belongings remaining in the school.  There is A LOT of information included below, but please review everything carefully-your assigned pick up times are included.  


Please carefully read all the details for our upcoming student belongings retrieval drive thru events outlined below:
  • Due to public health concerns, we are unable to open the school for families to visit classrooms in person to retrieve any belongings themselves.  
  • Therefore, in preparation for the drive thru event, school staff are bagging every student's personal belongings from their desks and cubbies which include but may not be limited to: leftover school supplies, water bottles, art supplies, yearbooks etc. 
  • We cannot promise that items not clearly labelled with a student's name will be bagged and returned.  Any unlabelled items leftover in classrooms will be discarded.
  • There are many special items and certificates of recognition that are typically handed out at the end of each school year.  We are not able to distribute all of these at the drive thru event for a variety of reasons.  We will be distributing only the following: yearbooks, spring pictures, grade 5 T-shirts, art projects, perfect attendance certificates based on the first 3 quarters of the year, Extreme Trail Tickets.   All other recognitions will be distributed when we return to school including: Art achievement recognitions, 100 Mile Club certificates, Peer Mediator certificates, Jump Rope for Heart prizes. 
  • Families are assigned to a drive thru day, time and specific lane based on the first letter of their student's last name.  It is very important that families arrive on their assigned day and time and drive through their assigned lane because all the bags of student belongings will have been organized according to this system.
  • We will be using three lanes for the drive thru events.  Families will pull into their assigned lane and remain in single file lines.
  • Families must stay in their cars at all times during this event in order to maintain social distancing.
  • Families should not plan to walk to school for this event as we are ensuring social distancing by having all families stay in their cars.
  • All school staff will be wearing masks and gloves and will be stationed in a socially distant manner.
  • Signs will be posted identifying the alphabet letters for each drive thru lane and school staff will be stationed to help families navigate as well.
  • School staff will approach each car in the drive thru to ask for the student's last name.  They will retrieve the student's bag of belongings from the alpha assigned table and hand it through the car window.
  • If families have library books, books from teacher's classroom collections or other materials due back to Susan Neef from library volunteer projects, these may be handed to school staff at the drive thru event through the car window.  
  • Families who have borrowed a Chromebook and charger and whose students will not be at West Ridge next year, should return those devices and chargers to school staff at this drive thru event through the car window.  All other borrowed Chromebooks must be returned to West Ridge at the beginning of next school year.  Please know that some functionality of these devices will be turned off by district IT staff for the summer.  Families are financially responsible for loss or damage of Chromebooks borrowed from the school.
  • Due to the volume of cars coming through each assigned lane, school staff will be moving quickly to hand out student bags and move cars along so we ask that all interactions in the drive thru process are kept brief.
Specific Drive Thru Assignments (Date, Time and Lane):
  • Wednesday, May 20th   2:00-4:30 PM
    • Hug and Go Lane = Student Last Name Beginning With N, O, P, Q, R
    • Front Parking Lot Lane = H, I, J
    • Bus Loop Lane = A, B
  • Thursday, May 21st   9:00-11:30 AM
    •   Hug and Go Lane = Student Last Name Beginning With T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
    •   Front Parking Lot Lane = C, D
    •   Bus Loop Lane =  E, F, G
  • Thursday, May 21st   1:15-3:45 PM
    •   Hug and Go Lane = Student Last Name Beginning With S
    •   Front Parking Lot Lane =  K, L
    •   Bus Loop Lane = M