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Padilla postponement presents new opportunities for 27J Schools

In response to 27J Schools' decision to postpone the opening of its newest elementary school, Padilla Elementary in Brighton, the District announced the appointment of Kevin Purfurst, current Padilla Elementary principal, as the incoming principal of North Elementary in Brighton. Mr. Purfurst will step into this role after Carmella Schroeder, current North Elementary principal, retires at the end of June.

After the completion of the 2020-2021 school-year, 27J Schools plans to officially open Padilla Elementary with Mr. Purfurst moving into the role of principal at Padilla. All other recently hired Padilla teachers have been reassigned to other schools within the District.

“Kevin has been an absolute pro during this time,” said 27J Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Fiedler. “As soon as we made the decision to postpone the opening of Padilla Elementary until 2021, Kevin wanted to know what he could do to make sure his staff was placed in other roles throughout the District to keep the Padilla team in 27J Schools until the fall of 2021. He truly is a team player and we are grateful to him for his grace and understanding during this difficult time.”