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Help keep students safe during drop off times

Stuart Families,
Earlier this school year we worked with Commerce City to help us with the high volume of traffic at the intersection of 101st Way and Joplin St. between 7am and 730 am by posting signage for all vehicles to make a right-hand turn only onto Joplin St. We also have Mr. Gordon stationed at the intersection most mornings to direct the flow and direction of cars.

While this has certainly helped with the high volume of traffic, we continue to experience cars backing up on 101st Way due to students being dropped off at all different points in front of the school. To remedy this, we have new signage and yellow lines painted on the school’s internal driveway in front of the school. There are two signs with arrows stating “No A.M. Drop-Off in Yellow Zone.” Within the yellow zone between these two signs there is no dropping off of students in the morning.

When letting your student out of the car, please pull as far forward as possible beyond the yellow zone. There is ample room to drive around the car in front if needed. 6th grade students line up at the main entrance; 7th grade students line midway; and 8th grade student’s line up at the west end of the building. We have also marked, with cones, two lanes entering the school driveway. Please feel free to pull into the parking area to drop off your student.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our students safe and getting them to school on time.

Richard R. Patterson, Ph.D. Principal, Otho E. Stuart Middle School