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Free & Reduced Application Process

Dear Parents/Guardians: 


The School District 27J Nutrition Services Department is again trying to help families determine their eligibility for free or reduced price meals before school starts.  Attached for your convenience is an application to apply for free or reduced price meal benefits.  You may also obtain a Free and Reduced price meal application at the Nutrition Services Office or your children's school.  Please carefully read and complete the attached application packet if you believe that your children are eligible to receive their breakfast and lunches free or at a reduced price.

·         Bromley East Charter School is now part of School District 27J Nutrition Services program. It is no longer required to complete a separate application for Bromley East students.

·         Please complete only ONE application per family even if you have children attending more than one school.

·         A new application must be completed every school year.  If you choose not to complete an application, your children must pay full price for their meals. 

 ·         DO NOT complete an application if you have received a Direct Certification Notice in the mail.  Please read the letter you received carefully that it is for the 2016-2017 school year and follow the instructions.  Enclosed with that letter should be a 2016-2017 School Fees Waiver Form.  You must complete the waiver form and return it to your children's school or the Nutrition Services office in order to share your information to waive any eligible school fees.  If any children in your household were missing from your eligibility notification, contact School District 27J Nutrition Services, 630 South 8th Avenue, Brighton, CO  80601, (303)655-2986 immediately.

·         For your convenience, School District 27J offers an Online Free and Reduced price meal application. You are encouraged to complete the online application instead of a paper application.  The online application is the most convenient way to get a determination and is faster than a paper application.  Visit to begin or learn more about the online application process.  You will need each students ID number in order to complete the online application.  For your convenience attached are step by step instructions for  completing the online application.

 Click Here to Apply Online

·         Please note that the format of the 2016-2017 Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals has changed.


  • The application is now 2 pages, we are unable to process applications that are  not complete.

  • Step 5 (School Fees) on the application must be completed in order to allow  School District 27J Nutrition Services to share your information to waive eligible school fees.

  • Optional Section - you now have the option to select how you would like to receive your determination letter.  You may receive your determination letter either by postal mail or e-mail.  You must select only one option, if both are selected the letter will only be e-mailed. If neither option is checked it will be sent by postal mail.
Thank you.