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Student ID's

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is an expectation that our Raptors (staff and students) wear their school-issued ID everyday, unaltered, and visible above the waist at all times. This is an additional safety measure we will  continue to enforce to keep students safe while at school.  Being able to distinguish enrolled students from non-students and guests is critical. This can be especially important for emergency personnel who may not be familiar with the students but can identify immediately, at a glance, who should be at school. 

ID badges can either be worn on a breakaway lanyard hanging from the neck or clipped to a shirt. 

We know that students sometimes forget their ID's, and we will issue temporary ID's in those cases.  If students choose not to wear their ID’s, warnings will be issued, and eventually consequences, such as lunch detention, will be given. Our goal isn’t to get the student in trouble, but rather to reinforce the message that ID’s are important to our multi-faceted safety measures.  If your student needs a new ID, he or she can purchase one for $3 in the main office.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Stuart Admin Team