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Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Dear Families,

As we think about the language we use during Safety Drills or actual events, it may seem unclear.  Please use this to help create clarity of the terms from the Standard Response Protocol our District 27J schools use and what they mean.  Also, please note that in a real-life situation, our first priority is student safety.  When it is safe for us to communicate what is happening, we will do so.

Evacuation:  An Evacuation is when the staff and students exit the building and go to a location outside of the school.  Depending on the weather and situation, this evacuation might be to another building or to an outside location.  The most common Evacuation situation is a Fire. An Evacuation is lifted when it is safe to enter the building.  

Tornado/Shelter in Place:  A Tornado or Shelter in Place  is put into place when the National Weather Service alerts us that a tornado may occur.  Staff and students move inside the building to locations that have been determined to be structurally safe in the event of a tornado.  Staff and students also assume a safety position facing the wall, crouched down and head ducked and protected.  Shelter In Place is lifted when the situation as been taken care of and ended.

Lock Out:  A Lock Out  is when there is a situation outside of our school building and we take extra precautions to secure our perimeter, bring all staff and students inside, and prevent any person from entering or exiting our building.  Inside the school, business is conducted as usual meaning that students are still participating in classes as normal.  A Lock Out is lifted when Police tell us the situation has been resolved.

Lock Down:  A Lock Down is called when there is a threat inside the building.  When a Lock Down is called, staff and students quickly and quietly move away from any doors or windows, all doors are locked to prevent anyone from getting inside the classroom,  lights are turned off and everyone is silent and in duck and cover mode.  A Lock Down is lifted by Police one classroom after another.

Reunification:  We have two processes for reunification. One is an off site reunification and the other is an onsite reunification.   If there is ever a situation where our building is unsafe for students and staff to be in, we will Evacuate our building and Reunify or reunite our students with their families in another location.  If we ever have a need for this, our primary off site location is Brighton High School. Finally, if we have a situation where we are not required to evacuate our building but we are required to shelter in place we will do a "controlled release” which may require pieces of the Reunification process.