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Virtual Learning Students Fall Picture Information

Hello Vikan parents and guardians,

On Aug. 27th and 28th Lifetouch will be at our school from 10:30 - 2:10 pm for virtual learning students. During this time your child will receive their student id and grade level t-shirt. Please bring payment with you or you may pay online. (order form attached to your email). Please click here to sign up

Parents and students must wear a mask and practice distancing.

Please park along Jessup and enter through the blacktop into the gymnasium. 

Also have your student bring their Chromebook with them so that they could log into 27J wifi to get updates on their Chromebook if they have not done this already. All of this information is available in google classroom for students. 

All students must follow dress code policy for pictures.

Dress Code Policy:
In deference to the age of students and the language used by them we have established a general guideline for dress code as: No butt (bottoms must cover, no visible undergarments), No belly (no skin should show when student raises his/her arms), No Boobs (chest area must be appropriately covered), No bras/boxers (undergarments must be appropriately concealed by clothing).

Vikan Middle School Apparel Guidelines

Hats may be worn any day ONLY if they are Vikan hats with the Vikan logo. (These can be purchased in the main office).

Hoods may not be worn in hallways, the cafeteria, or during classroom instructional time (including assemblies and other schoolwide gatherings).

Any clothing, jewelry, or accessory that contains profanity, is obscene, disruptive, sexually suggestive, racially inappropriate, or displays any drug, alcohol, tobacco, or violence (gun graphics, knives, etc.) is not allowed.

No attire or grooming which is disruptive to the learning environment such as extreme hairstyles (including spray on hair color), obtrusive facial piercings, painted faces or painted body parts. Students are not permitted to write on themselves or others (hands, arms, etc.)

Anything else that is a disruption to the classroom environment or deemed inappropriate by the administration.

Pants must be the student’s waist size, worn at the waist level and must not sag.  

Clothing must cover all private body parts and midriff, no spaghetti straps, camisoles, muscle shirts with gaping arm holes, and no undergarments should show at any time.