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27J tests preparedness with all schools drill

In 27J, the safety of our students and staff is always our top priority. That means not only responding promptly and effectively to emergencies when they occur, but testing and improving our preparedness before they do.

As part of our preparedness improvement, we conducted an All Schools Drill this morning for #SafeSchoolsMonthCO. We practiced the Standard Response Protocol for "Shelter: Evacuate to shelter area" district-wide.

"This morning's training helped us achieve a greater understanding of where our processes and procedures are in terms of emergency response and crisis," said 27J Emergency Response and Crisis Specialist Sam Ortega.

While staff and students walked through shelter procedures at each school site, support for the schools was coordinated from a central site, known as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), by staff from multiple district departments.

"The primary functions of an EOC are: collecting, analyzing and sharing information; supporting needs and requests for resources; and coordinating plans for and determining current and future needs," said Ortega.

After the drill had been completed, 27J staff reviewed the morning's exercise in order to continue to improve our ability to respond in the case of an emergency.