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Students excel on nationwide business exams

The High School of Business program, a national accelerated business administration program, exposes students to coursework in wealth management, finance and economics through project-based learning. The program was added to the 27J Schools roster of Career and Technical Education pathways three years ago and in the first year of comprehensive testing, 28 students placed in the top 10 percent nationwide.

Twenty-four Prairie View High students and four Riverdale Ridge High students scored among the top 10 percent of business students nationwide on rigorous exams testing their business knowledge. Six of those students placed in the top 10 percent on two exams.

Last year, 500 students participated in High School of Business classes—300 students at Prairie View High and 200 at Riverdale Ridge High. It is important to note Riverdale Ridge opened in August 2018 enrolling only freshman and sophomore students during its inaugural year.

“For this to happen the first year our students took the test is amazing,” said Prairie View High School of Business Teacher Jean Schneider. “It is reaffirming that we are on the right track.”

Schneider made the switch to teaching so she could share her knowledge and experience gained from years working in the private sector. Her classes provide students with hands-on business skills that they can immediately put into practice. 

“The High School of Business program will prepare students for a career or college,” said Schneider. “Students will be able to work in any area of business and understand how that business operates.”

Schneider said students in the High School of Business program are not just demonstrating success through test scores. “Some kids are getting jobs, students in the program are performing better in their other classes and others now have a plan for after they leave high school,” she said.