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PVHS & RRHS students among top business students in the country

Twenty-five students at Prairie View High and Riverdale Ridge High scored among the top business students nationwide on rigorous exams to test their business knowledge. The exams are part of the school’s High School of Business™ program, a national accelerated business administration program of MBA Research and Curriculum Center. Approximately 6,000 students from across the nation participated in the program during the 2019-20 school year.

In all four courses (Leadership, Principles of Business, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Management) both Prairie View and Riverdale Ridge scores averaged between 87%-99%, well above the state average of 67%!

Receiving top scores were:

Jayden Her - PVHS

Annabelle Martinez - PVHS

Chloe Gronwall - PVHS

Aidan Stoaks - PVHS

Margaret McEldowney - PVHS

Kendra Lockett - PVHS

Morgan Hardacre - PVHS

Kassandra Vargas Soto - PVHS

Branden Hart - PVHS

Kayla Burby - PVHS

Victoria Christina Stockton - PVHS

Kimberly Baca Lujan - PVHS

Tanner Mathisen - PVHS

Dylan Shmitka - PVHS

Evan Brese - PVHS

Michaiah Whetstone - PVHS

Nicholas Stefu - PVHS

Saran Malik - PVHS

Prajwal Nepal - PVHS

Joshua Leckemby - PVHS

Lucy Pfenning - PVHS

Maya Jackson - PVHS

Justus Nielsen - PVHS

Zachary Figge - RRHS

Hunter Jennings - RRHS

Students participating in High School of Business™ complete real, hands-on business projects through a series of six courses. The program also includes observational internships, opportunities to earn college credit, and local oversight via a steering team of college faculty, business professionals, and school personnel.

High School of Business™ is a program of MBA Research, a non-profit organization specializing in educational research and the development of business and marketing curriculum for high schools and colleges across the U.S. The accelerated program is designed for college-bound students with interest in business administration careers, such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or management.