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CASB Conference 2021

This past weekend, students from the 27J Student Advisory Council, along with 27J board directors and Superintendent Fiedler, attended the 2021 Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) convention.

The student leaders, representing Brighton, Prairie View and Riverdale Ridge high schools and Eagle Ridge Academy, participated in the convention's Student Leadership Strand. Through the strand, these students worked with peers from districts across Colorado to learn together and develop their communication and advocacy skills.

"This convention has been so beneficial, because we have been able to create new friendships and relationships with fellow students, schools, and board members...we have collaborated with one another to discuss issues and brainstorm on how we can improve," said student leader Sarah Quintana (Senior, PVHS).

Riverdale Ridge High School student artist, Azalea Beazley, was also recognized at the convention for winning the CASB High School Art Contest Blue Ribbon Award. #IBelievein27JSchools


CASB provides services, information and training programs to support school board members as they govern their local districts. CASB represents and advocates for more than 1,000 school board members and superintendents statewide.