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Board seeks candidates for new Bond Oversight Committee

Apply to be a community member of the 2021 Bond Oversight Committee.

Last November the 27J Schools community approved a $515 million school bond package to build new schools to address overcrowding and accommodate student enrollment growth, maintain existing schools to extend their useful life, build a northern bus terminal to responsibly maintain a growing bus fleet, strengthen school safety and security measures, and update technology throughout the district.

27J Schools remains committed to being accountable to the community for how it uses bond funds. As it did with the 2015 bond program, to ensure the district operates in a transparent manner and is accountable to the public for implementation of the bond package, the district is creating the 2021 Bond Oversight Committee which which will, at the minimum:

  • Monitor the adherence of expenditures to the official bond language as approved by the voters of 27J Schools on November 2, 2021;
  • Monitor the status of all bond issue projects through information provided by district staff and provide feedback as appropriate;
  • Make quarterly reports to the Board of Education regarding the activities and expenditures of the 2021 bond program;
  • Make advisory recommendations to the Board of Education on other matters pertaining to the 2021 bond program, including:
  • The transfers of funds to projects or program reserve from interest earnings or project savings;
  • The proposed expenditures of any potential surplus bond funds.
  • Assist in communicating to the general public the activities and expenditures related to the 2021 bond program through the use of regular meeting minutes and published reports to the Board of Education.

The 2021 Bond Oversight Committee will consist of 11 members.

  • Two members of the Board of Education;
  • Nine community members with at least two representing each of the district’s three planning areas (north, south and west). 

The  2021 Bond Oversight Committee will be appointed by the Board of Education. This committee will be active for the duration of the bond implementation which is set to be five years. 

Residents within the 27J Schools boundaries are eligible to submit an application to be considered for membership. The deadline to submit an application is 5 p.m. on Jan. 19, 2022. The Board of Education will decide the committee’s membership which it will announce on Feb. 22, 2022. To submit an application, simply complete the form below and click on the “submit” button at the conclusion of the form. That will automatically submit your application electronically.