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Chromebooks Need Updating?

Many student Chromebooks may need to have an update run on them before school starts. Please, have your student log into his/her Chromebook and follow the instructions below to ensure the Chromebook is up-to-date and ready to assist your student in learning. 
Instructions to update a Chromebook:
1.  Log into the Chromebook
2.  Open Google Chrome
3.  In upper right corner click on the 3 dots, then click on settings
4.  In settings menu click on "About Chrome"
5.  Then click on the go to Chrome OS settings
6.  A page will pop up that says "Check for updates", click check for updates
7.  Chomebook will run an update, then click the restart optoin to finish
8.  Chromebook should be on Version 87 or highter.  If it is on a lower version, repeat upated procedure until the correct version is shown.  This may take 2 or 3 updates
Instructions to clear cache and cookies:
1.  Log into the Chromebook and open Google Chrome
2.  Upper right corner click on the 3 dots, then click on settings
3.  In settings scroll down to Privacy and Security and select Clear Browsing Data
4.  Under the basic setting, change time range to All Time and make sure all 3 boxes are checked
5.  Then hit Clear Data
Instructions to reset Chromebook:
Once Chromebook is up-to-date and it has restarted:
1.  Log out so you are on the sign in screen
2.  Click on the arrow by your name and an option will come up that says Remove User
3.  Remove yourself as the user
4.  Then hold the power button until it turns off
5.  Give it a few minutes and then turn it back on and put your username and password back in.
Thank you for helping your student be prepared to learn!