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Summer internships keep 27J students busy

Though school's out for summer, many 27J students are still busy expanding their knowledge and skill sets through summer internships.

intern holding camera equipment laughs with city employees


Through a resume-building class she took, Brighton High School, SD27J junior Ashley Settergren interviewed with different departments at the City of Brighton, Colorado Government and landed an internship with their Communications & Engagement office.

“I have a lot of freedom to use my creativity and I learn a lot. I work with good role models and mentors and I’m gaining real world job experience,” she said. “It’s super fun working in the
Brighton Communications Office.”

Her job duties include creating and editing videos about City of Brighton events, various city services, and addressing traffic issues to make city streets safer.

student intern works on three chromebooks

Blake Bushlack, who will be a senior at Prairie View High School this year, is spending some of his summer behind the scenes at 27J in the Construction and IT departments.

In addition to learning on-the-job skills and expanding his resume, Blake is helping prepare and improve schools and resources for his fellow 27J students. We call that a win-win!





two student interns make an advertisement

Cody Martinez and Levi Rash are taking care of business this summer while interning at the Greater Brighton Colorado Chamber of Commerce.

Cody, an incoming sophomore at Riverdale Ridge High School, and Levi Rash, are learning office and event planning skills as well as how an organization operates through their internships.

“I have learned communication and organization skills and how the chamber runs. I have really gained a behind-the-scenes look at the Chamber of Commerce,” said Cody.

“I have learned to better manage my time and sort documents,” said Levi. “I enjoy getting to know the people here and I’m happy I was able to get a job for the summer to learn life skills.”