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PVMS 3-24-20 Message to Parents

Hello Tiger Families,

I hope this email finds you healthy, safe, and adjusting to our new normal. Until today, I've chosen to allow the district communications to serve as PVMS communications in an effort to put out one clear and consistent message to all families. Moving forward, PVMS families will receive a Tiger Message each Tuesday, in addition to district messaging. The Tiger Message will be about the learning experiences we will be providing PVMS students and any other PVMS specific information.
Our plan for virtual learning will continue to evolve in the coming days and weeks. Here is the information we know as of today:

1. The timing of this unique situation did not allow students to complete missing work, re-assessments, or anything else discussed at parent / teacher conference before posting grades for quarter 3. When we return from Spring Break, students will have until April 1st, to complete those quarter 3 assignments. Teacher will post quarter 3 grades no later than April 3rd.
2. On either April 2 or 3rd, you will be hearing from a PVMS staff member by phone. This staff member will become your main point of contact for the rest of the year. The purpose of the first call is to check-in with the family and PVMS students, explain our plan for virtual learning, and determine any needs you may have that need to be addressed. We look forward to chatting with you all next week.
3. Each PVMS teacher will post 1 content specific lesson plan each week. Students will have from Wednesday-Wednesday to complete the learning experience and receive guidance, responses, and feedback from their teachers. The goal of these learning experiences is to provide additional practice or extension on learning that occurred August through March. Teachers will also post a prompt to their Tiger Team each Tuesday. The purpose of the prompt is to maintain the relationship built between student and teacher, and to allow students an easy way to advocate for any needs they may have on a weekly basis. Teachers will also be communicating virtual office hours, so that families and students know when they can expect to hear from teachers.

All of this information will be shared with you all again at your call next week. Please try to find ways to enjoy this "strange" Spring Break, we look forward to jumping into this new experience with you ALL next week.

Cristina Bissell
Prairie View Middle School Principal
720-685-5401 Cell-719-651-1587