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Tiger Tuesday Updates 4-14-2020


Hope this message continues to find you all well and healthy. We are five school days into our virtual / distance learning and I can honestly say that I could not be more proud of the way our PVMS students and community responded to such a change in their everyday reality. Our teachers will continue to post learning experiences to both their Tiger Team google classrooms as well as their content specific google classrooms weekly. Please use these experiences as opportunities to review previous learning and take your understanding to a deeper level.

As of Monday afternoon we have been in contact with 614 out of our 627 families. That is incredible and truly demonstrates that we are all in this together! Thank you so much for engaging with us and please continue to encourage your students to participate in distance learning.

TIGER TEAM UPDATES: Please encourage your students to engage in their Tiger Team google classroom this week, as they are being asked to complete their electives choices for next year and our 7th graders will have access to the WEB applications. The sooner these tasks are completed the sooner we can start building schedules for students for 2020-2021 school-year.

Fundraiser Update: Before this hiatus from PVMS happened, we were in the beginning stages of our "DAY OF AWESOME" fundraiser. We have been attempting (unsuccessfully) to communicate with this company and therefore are kind of in limbo at this moment. When we connect with them and get more information, we will share with our families.

Technology Updates:
Anythink Library has hotspots available to check-out, if you are having connectivity issues this may be an option for you.

If chromebooks are working slower than expected, consider driving to a 27J school parking lot to hop on district wifi then clear out the history and close down as many tabs as possible. Shut down and restart the chromebook, it should work faster after those adjustments.

If you need to order a charger for your student's chromebook, please use the link below.

Tech Support:
Parent Resources (Parent Portal and Google Classroom)

1. Parent Portal
Here is a document to walk you through the steps of accessing your student's grade. (this is for quarter 3)

PVMS office secretaries are available to support you. Please reach out to, or

2. Google Classroom
Teachers will be utilizing Google Classroom for announcements, classwork, and assignments.
Here is a link to five support documents and resources for parents.