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Have an 8th Grader???? PLEASE READ!!!

Hello all,

Just wanted to send some reminders for the Drive-Through Continuation on May 21, 2020 from 4:00-6:00 pm. This will be open house style meaning you can come anytime in this window that is convenient for your family.

As you arrive to the school please pull into the side parking lot (bus lane). We will direct you into the fun from there to ensure that students are able to get everything they need while they drive-through.

Please remember to wear your mask. Also, it is super important to remember to stay 6 feet away from anyone that is not a family member this includes staff, friends, and peers. I will share this with my staff too, as I know it will be hard for them to not HUG the kids as they see them.

We cannot wait to see you!
Cristina Bissell
Prairie View Middle School Principal
720-685-5401 Cell-719-651-1587