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Tuesday Tiger News - 8/4

Happy Tiger Tuesday,

OMG..... I miss your kids so much (mine I need a little break from, but yours I can't wait to see). Although, I do not have all the detailed safety information to share yet, I wanted to share what we do know and also send a couple reminders. Please remember that COVID-19 related information changes daily, so while this is the information that we have and are sharing today, things may change tomorrow :(

Safety Updates
Before arriving at school each day students must complete a health survey. This survey will be electronic and will be sent to you before orientation. We will practice how to complete this survey during orientation.
Upon arrival at PVMS students will line up outside a designated door with their cohort. Before entering the building students will be asked if they are experiencing any COVID related symptoms and their temperatures will be taken. If they have a fever they must go home.
We have identified an isolation room and a site coordinator for PVMS. If a student is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms while at school, our site coordinator will escort the student to the isolation room. The coordinator will meet with the school nurse to determine next steps. If a student is taken to the isolation room, they will need to be picked up from school within the hour. Next steps will be communicated to the family by the site coordinator or school nurse.
School District 27J and PVMS will be working with the CDC, CDPHE, and primary health providers to make determinations about student health and ability to return to school.

Enrollment Updates

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete our back to school survey. We were able to contact all but 13 Tiger families and here is the data we gathered:
98% of families who have students enrolled have completed our survey.
61% of respondents opted for their student to return to in-person learning.
37% of our students will attend PVMS online school.
We hope to have staffing information (who will teach in-person vs. online) by the end of this week. The school supply list for online students will be shared at the online orientation on August 25th.


Regardless of your choice to have your student return in-person or online, school will begin each day at 8:00 am with online electives classes. In-person classes begin at 10:00 am. Students may not be on campus any earlier than 9:45 am.

School will end each day at 4:32 pm.

The first official day of school for ALL students (in-person & online) 6-8th grade grade will be September 1st. In-person students will either be in a Blue (A) day cohort or Silver (B) day cohort. Blue cohorts will attend school on Tuesdays & Thursday and Silver cohorts will attend school on Wednesdays and Fridays. On the days students are not at school, they will attend classes remotely from home. Blue/Silver cohorts will be determined by Geo Code lists from the transportation department. We are still waiting for that information, but will share it with families as soon as we have it.

In order to help students prepare for their return, each grade level will participate in an orientation day. During this day students will learn about our TIGERS core values, safety procedures, as well as what lunch, recess, electives and other key components of the day will look like. Lunch will be served on these days. Orientation days will follow our school days hours (9:55 am-4:32 pm) and buses will be running. Students will be issued their Chromebooks and other school-provided learning materials at these orientation days. The schedule for grade level orientation days is as follows:

-8th Grade In-Person: August 18th (Blue day cohorts) or August 19th (Silver day cohorts)
-7th Grade In-Person : August 20th (Blue day cohorts) or August 21st (Silver day cohorts)
-6th Grade In-Person: August 25 & 27th (Blue day cohorts) August 26th and 28th (Silver day cohorts)
-ALL students choosing online learning: August 25th (online)

Our current office hours are Tuesday through Friday from 8:00-5:00 pm. Please reach out if you have questions.

Registration: Araceli Mota

Office Manager: Vanessa Mendez

Have a great week! Stay healthy!


Cristina Bissell
Prairie View Middle School Principal
720-685-5401 Cell-719-651-1587