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PVMS Online Orientation Review 8-25

PVMS Online Orientation Review 8-25

Celebrations from 6th grade:
Considering today was the first day at a new school and being online we had some successes in 6th grade. The majority of 6th grade students were able to login and participate in our Orientation process. Our teachers were excited to meet their students and the students (while a little shy) seemed to be happy to be back at school.

Areas for Improvement in Technology for 6th grade: We had about 11-15 students that had trouble logging into Google Classroom. After trouble-shooting with technology, I have a few suggestions for the students to try:
If you are still operating on the Chromebook provided in 5th grade, please bring it to PVMS so we can exchange it for a new one.
The first time your student logs-in to their chromebook, they need to be on the district wi-fi. If this was never done please drive to a 27J school parking lot and try logging in from there.
Last glitch effort, turn the machine off, turn it back on and be sure to log-in using your 27J credentials.

Celebrations from 7th grade: Attendance in both 7th and 8th grade was solid. Kids had tons of fun in Science and Advisory. Overall the students were engaged, excited to see their classmates and eager to dive into learning! Even though there were (of course) a couple kinks to work out, students were patient and kind with each other! Students waited appropriately when needed and were able to see all their teachers today for live interacting and learning.

Celebrations from 8th grade:
PVMS 8th graders seemed excited to be back at school and engaging with their peers. Students chose Shark Chinchillas (Sharkchillas) and Dinosaur Gorillas (Dinorillas) for their class mascots.
Students did a pretty good job of following new norms and expectations. Students were extremely respectful and engaged with the tasks we asked them to do. They also had a lot of ideas on why the Core Values were important, especially School Spirit as they work remotely.

Reminders for 6th, 7th and 8th graders:
Regardless of learning setting, PVMS Tigers are expected to adhere to our Core Values and behavior expectations. Please remind your student that the chat feature is only to be used at the teacher’s directive (it is not a place to write inappropriate jokes, or interrupt the teacher or peers). Attendance matters - Students must be logged in at the start of class. Teachers will take attendance before they begin the delivery of instruction. Students must have their cameras on and be present for the duration of the live portion of the lesson. Students should not be taking pictures of themselves and setting it as a screensaver or logging then leaving the room. Please remind your learners that while this is all new, students should be present, be engaged, and participate in each of their classes each day. We will all get better at this platform quickly!!!