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PVMS Tiger Weekend Update 9/4/20

PVMS Tiger Weekend Update                                                             

September 4, 2020  

We have truly embraced the spirit of being LIFELONG LEARNERS here at PVMS this week. While we’ve enjoyed getting to know the students better this week, we’ve also run into some different scheduling, technology, infinite campus and health screener issues. We appreciate the feedback and awareness of the issues that our families have provided us. Thank you so much for allowing us the patience and grace needed to get all of our learning systems up and running at an optimal level. We are a work in progress and will continue to make adjustments and improvements as we better learn our online platforms. 

While there have been some hiccups along the way, we have so much to celebrate! Our students, families, and staff have been working so hard to make blended and online learning meaningful and engaging. Please consider using this form to submit a celebration or thank you for a member of the PVMS community (could be for a student, staff member, parent, etc.) 

Please help us continue making this year a success by

completing the health screener (located in Infinite Campus Parent Portal) before dropping your student at school;
calling in to excuse absences;
ensuring your student has a quiet and uninterrupted work space for at home learning;
reviewing communicated schedules with online students for online learners and students on their remote learning days (as they do not match what IC shows);
ensuring students on their remote days are reaching out to the content support teacher at the identified times. The remote support teachers are available only during the specified times, they are not on stand by or available all day as they are teaching online learners the rest of the day. Example: If you are a 6th grader on a remote day and you need help with math, you need to log-in with Ms. Collins between the hours of 10-11:00 am. This is when math support has been scheduled;
and reaching out to the following people for clarification or questions: 
Schedules: Melissa Nelson  or Catie Riessen
Attendance: 720-685-5408

Helpful Links

Teacher Contacts

Apply for Free & Reduced Lunch 

Online Student Technology Help Desk

PVMS Return to School Plan

Tiger Celebrations 

Student Chromebook Trouble Shooting Guide 

Lunch Update

We found out Monday from USDA that we will be able to serve reimbursable meals to ALL of our students for FREE through December.  This is very exciting news and will surely be a big relief for all of our families.  The district communications team sent out an announcement to all parents on Wednesday.  We hope this encourages everyone to participate in the on-line ordering process to get meals for the day that they will be learning at home (A/B).Food will be packaged and delivered to them before they leave school. 

Online students may pick up breakfast and lunch from Prairie View High School on Mondays. In order to do this,  students will need their student id number and need to complete a google form to request the food. The form can filled out here:

Forms must be filled out on Mondays by 3:00pm, in order to have meals for the week. 

Online Technology Issues

If your student is fully online and encounters any technical issues with their Chromebook, Google, etc. please have them submit a helpdesk ticket at 27J Tech Services will work directly with your student to resolve the issue. Please provide as much detail about the problem as possible, including any steps you took to troubleshoot prior to submitting the ticket. 

In-Person students should let their advisory teachers know if they are having technical issues that we can try to first resolve in the building. 


Regardless of the learning environment you have chosen for your student, it is imperative that you call the attendance line at 720-685-5408 to report an absence. Starting on September 1, 2020, parents and guardians will be receiving attendance calls if your student is not present in class or online. 
Students attending online school must be present in their classes on time and must stay on the call / meet  until the teacher dismisses them to avoid being marked absent. 
Teachers may only mark students present for online classes if they physically see them in the video meeting. 
If you are having technical difficulties and cannot get into the google meet please let your teacher know. You can send them a chat, email, screenshot, etc. so that they can potentially help with the issue and be aware you were attempting to enter class. Please know that there is a chance that they may not be able to address the issue in the moment as they are teaching. Depending on that communication the teacher will email our office team to mark the absence as excused. We will only be able to excuse absences in the event that the student/family contacted us regarding the issue. We are confident with a little more time and practice, most of these issues that are preventing students from being in online classes will be resolved. 

Online Class Start/End Times

We want to address and apologize for some confusion around online student schedules. Online students are scheduled into classes in Infinite Campus for enrollment and attendance purposes. Unfortunately, the times listed in IC are inaccurate (they are the in-person class times) and online students should be following the schedules shared with them by their teacher. Current IC functionality does not allow us to build different schedules in IC for in-person and online schedules. We are hoping that this will change in the future, but for now please refer just to the schedules provided by your student’s teachers. 

Online Student Learning Environments

Please make sure that to the best of your ability, that students have a quiet, comfortable, and uninterrupted work space at home. Both teachers and students have reported disruptions and distractions that have made learning more challenging this week. Please also try to only check-in with your students before or after classes so that they can focus and stay engaged during the lesson and work time. Students should be using headphones/earphones even when at home to help them focus on class and block out potential distractions. We want to try our best to recreate the in-person learning environment with just the teachers and students. Please refrain from interrupting the class and coming on camera to ask questions, etc. If you, another family member, or support person have questions/concerns, please use the standard methods of e-mail, text, or calling to discuss with the teacher outside of class time. 


It is the expectation that if students are on PVMS property they must have their masks on. Masks (not bandanas or neck gators) must be worn at all times unless a student is eating lunch, at recess, or has been given permission to take a break. Please be sure your student has a back-up mask in their backpack in case of a mask emergency.

Social Distancing

Please support us by reminding your student of the importance of social distancing. We ask that students remain 3ft. (masked and with cohorts) and 6ft. (lunch and outside) apart from each other in an effort to prevent the spread of germs. If they are that far apart we should not have issues with students touching, hugging, pushing or shoving but we have had to give students several reminders about these behaviors. If students are unable to maintain their distance from other students and adults they may be asked to join our online learning option. 

Health Screening

Please make sure that you are completing the health screening for your student before each day that they attend school in-person. The form can be found under the health tab in Infinite Campus. Mr. Haynie, our campus monitor and COVID site coordinator, will start reaching out to families next week that are not doing this.

School Schedules 

Online Learners: Please be sure you are logged in and ready to start class on time. If you are late or leave early you will be marked absent. There will be portions of the class where you may be able to work independently with your computer screen off, but you must be there at the start of class and any other time the teachers ask you to be present. 

Blended Learners: Students will be learning new material on their in-person days as well as on their remote learning days. Students have access to core content teachers throughout the day on their remote days, so if they are having a hard time logging on or need support with the content they have teacher support. If your student is having a hard time connecting to the internet or opening assignments etc, please take a screenshot and email it to their in-person content teacher for that specific class. We cannot help trouble-shoot if we do not know the issues. Please be sure that they are logging and completing the assigned work.