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PVMS Tiger Weekend Update 9/11/20

Tiger Weekend Update                                                             

September 11, 2020  

It is FRIDAY!  Awe YEAH! I hope you and your TIGERS had an amazing week of learning. Now that we are in the groove, we will only be sending this communication out on Tuesdays.


What is the google meet code for Online only students study hall? There isn’t one, this is an independent study time. We built this into the student schedule to keep the students on a regular school schedule. Hopefully having time in the day to work on new learning or homework allows students to disengage from school work at 4:32 each day. 

Why is my online student being marked absent when they are turning in assignments? 

Students attending online school must be present in their classes on time and must stay on the call / meet  until the teacher dismisses them to avoid being marked absent. 

Which elective does my blended student attend the 8:00 am or the 9:00 am and on which day? 

Blue Team Students attend their virtual elective at 8:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 9:00 am on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Silver Team Students attend their virtual elective at 9:00 am on Tuesday and Thursdays and 8:00 am on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Here are the elective class codes: 

Band: b5taa5m                                          

Music Appreciation: dqy4u63                    

Comp. Applications: Blue team: fsrlvwl

Comp. Applications: Silver Team: rlwytuu

Art Blue team: yykvg47                             

Art Silver team: 2pdth57        

Smart Lab: Blue team: hh5ba54

PE: qrilvjk

Smart Lab: Silver team: qb7coo4

Please consider using this form to submit a celebration or thank you for a member of the PVMS community (could be for a student, staff member, parent, etc.). We will be sure to spread the love to the folks identified in this form. 

Please help us continue making this year a success by:

completing the health screener (located in IC) before dropping your student at school. This is mandatory for your student to remain learning in person;
calling 720-685-5408  to excuse absences;
ensuring your student has a quiet and uninterrupted work space for at home learning;
reviewing communicated schedules with online students for online learners and students on their remote learning days (as they do not match what IC shows);
ensuring students on their remote days are reaching out to the content support teacher at the identified times. The remote support teachers are available only during the specified times, they are not on stand by or available all day as they are teaching online learners the rest of the day. Example: If you are a 6th grader on a remote day and you need help with math, you need to log-in with Ms. Collins between the hours of 10-11:00 am. This is when math support has been scheduled;
and reaching out to the following people for clarification or questions: 
Schedules: Melissa Nelson  or Catie Riessen
Attendance: 720-685-5408

Helpful Links

Teacher Contacts

Apply for Free & Reduced Lunch 

Online Student Technology Help Desk

PVMS Return to School Plan

Tiger Celebrations 

Student Chromebook Trouble- Shooting Guide 


Blue Team Learners will have picture day on September 29th students will go to the library with their cohorts to take pictures.

Silver Team Learners will have picture day on September 30th students will go to the library with their cohorts to take pictures.  

Online Learners will have picture day on October 2nd. Students will use the bus lane (east side lot) to access our outside gym doors in order to get their picture taken. Please make every effort to get the pictures taken as school pictures will be used for school ids and yearbook photos. 

Last Name

Picture Time





I- N






FastBridge Testing 

ONLINE Learners:

Testing will be completed between Sept. 8-18. Online teachers will review the All About FastBridge presentation before sending the kids off to complete the assessment.

Family Instructions:

Instrucciones para familias: