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PVMS Tiger Tuesday Update - 10/20/2020

Tiger Tuesday Update   

October 20, 2020  

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a restful weekend! Today marks week 8 of blended and online only learning and knock on wood, we are still rocking and rolling at PVMS. That being said, the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Adams County required Adams County officials to write and implement a mitigation plan - the Adams County COVID-19 Mitigation Plan - in partnership with Tri-County Health to be presented and approved last week by the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE). Information about the plan - Pledge to Protect - can be viewed here:

Thank you for being proactive and helping us by keeping your students home when they have symptoms or you believe they may have been exposed to a positive case. 

School districts around us - Aurora and Denver - have delayed bringing secondary students in for in-person learning until at least early November. 

Adams 12 announced yesterday that they will be moving their secondary students to online only on Thursday of this week (pending their Board's approval on Wednesday night) after only being back in person since October 5th. 

I want to remind you that at PVMS, we have been prepared to tackle full online learning for all students, if and when we are required to do so. Our plan for this has been living in the helpful links document portion of this communication. 

Should PVMS be directed to go to full online learning for all students, the link below will guide you on what that process entails for your TIGER.

In order to be best prepared for full online learning, please email Jarred Ratzlaff at if your family is in need of a hot spot. We would like to start securing resources for our families just in case. 

District COVID Update

Please use this link to access the district COVID dashboard.

School Pictures

Student pictures arrived today. Here is the picture of Hazel Stone. PVMS’s first service dog. 

We will be sorting student photos today and tomorrow and hoping to get them home with students ASAP. 

Parent Survey Update

Thank you so much for engaging in the District Parent Survey. As of today, PVMS is in 2nd place with 64% of families completing the survey (not that it is a competition, but the way I see it if people are going to put data out publicly then PVMS must be on top). Thankfully, the survey window has been extended, so we have time to sneak back into first place where we belong!!! So, if you have not already done so, please take a minute to complete the survey.

Morning Drop-off Requests

We want to address two traffic issues involving morning drop off. We have noticed many cars are parking for extended periods of time in the east and central portions of the drop off lanes. This causes a backup on 120th Ave. It would be most helpful if vehicles pull forward all the way west if you are planning to spend more than 30 seconds parked with your student in the vehicle. You may also use the parking lot. 

Secondly, we have seen an increase of students exiting their vehicle in the middle lane. Please don't do this for safety reasons. Instead move next to the sidewalk for your student to exit your vehicle or consider parking in the parking lot.

Thank you for helping us keep our Tigers safe. 

Halloween Celebration

It is that time of year again where I get to crush student hopes and dreams about what is an appropriate halloween costume to wear to school. This year, I get the added bonus of ruining my own son’s Halloween dreams buy making sure to take all his plastic swords and ninja stars off his costume before sending him to school (poor dude, he is 5 and doesn’t understand why I can’t let him be a real ninja). 

We will celebrate Halloween with our Blue Group on Thursday, October 29. The Silver Group will celebrate Halloween Friday, October 30. This is completely optional. Here are the guidelines for students who decide to wear a costume to school on their specific day:

Costumes must follow our Student Dress Code Policy (Superintendent Policy JICA)
No masks or makeup that would conceal a student’s identity. 
No toy facsimile guns or fake weapons.
Costumes may not be overly graphic or promote violence.
Costumes must not make noise or include items that would disrupt the learning environment (sound effects, lights, etc.).
Costumes that are indecent or suggestive and violate our school’s dress code policy.
Students will still wear masks to support our layers of safety.
Health Screen & Safety Updates

Since we are no longer asking families to complete the district health screener, please make sure you are only sending you student to school if they are COVID symptom and fever free(see email sent from the district for details on this updated policy). We will continue to take temperatures and ask about symptoms upon arrival to school as well. Additional information will also be coming from the district. Thank you for keeping us safe and your understanding as we update systems and procedures in response to community needs and health guidance.

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