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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 11/10/2020

Tiger Tuesday News

November 10, 2020

Happy Tuesday! Today marks the start of week 11 and I am sad that I cannot write that we are rocking and rolling all cohorts in school this week. As communicated last week, we had to send two cohorts home last week. Since they were in different grades we ended up having to send a total of 7 teachers home to quarantine as well (we already had 3 others out). Being down 10 teachers was too hard on the system and we decided to send our 8th grade blended learners home through this Friday (insert sad face here). We are confident that this plan allows our students to receive solid instruction from their teachers and keeps everyone safe!  

Lessons Learned from our 1st quarantine:

Communicate to ALL families how cohorts quarantining impacts all kids not just the ones sent some. 
Communicate more clearly with all district departments, specifically transportation.
If you have other feedback for us please do not hesitate to reach out.

Second Semester Learning Environment Choice

It’s hard to believe, but we already have our eyes on planning for the spring semester that begins in January 2020. No matter your student's current learning environment, you have the option to have them return to in-person learning (2 days a week) in January or enroll in our 100% online program. In order to best prepare and rearrange staffing if necessary, please complete the following survey included here informing us of your plans for the second semester.  If we do not receive a response to this survey by tomorrow at midnight, we will be calling you this week to confirm your selection. You will need to fill out the form separately for each student in your family that attends PVMS.

Picture Day Retakes

PVMS retake picture day will take place on November 11th and 12th. In-person learners will have the opportunity to take pictures on those days between 10:00am-12:00pm and online learners may come in for pictures on either of those days from 1:00-3:00 pm. We will ask that our online students enter through the gym doors on the east side of the building (bus lane). 

Pictures are Here! 

If you have an online student please come to the window in the vestibule to pick up your school pictures. Thank you!

Hearing and Vision Screening

Please take a minute to complete this document which helps us prepare for our health and vision screenings. Please complete this by November 20th.

Most up to date COVID protocols from 27J, if you need the link here it is.

Should PVMS at any time be directed to go to full online learning for all students, the link below will guide you on what that process entails for your TIGER.

In order to be best prepared for full online learning, please email Jarred Ratzlaff at if your family is in need of a hot spot. We would like to start securing resources for our families just in case. 

District COVID Update

Please use this link to access the district COVID dashboard. Information is updated every Monday.

FYI: The 27J  COVID Response Team and the health department conduct an investigation when an individual tests positive in order to determine who has potentially been exposed by the positive individual and needs to quarantine. The definition of exposure includes being within 6ft for 15 min or longer, not wearing a mask, and direct contact. For individuals determined to have been exposed by a person who tested positive for COVID-19, the health department will require them to quarantine for 14 days after the day of exposure. If you have not been notified, the results of the investigation determine that you or your child were not exposed. We are following all guidelines from Tri-County Health and continue to work with them on contact tracing within our schools while protecting confidential health information.

Since we are no longer asking families to complete the district health screen, please make sure you are only sending you student to school if they are COVID-19 symptom and fever free(see email sent from the district for details on this updated policy). We will continue to take temperatures and ask about symptoms upon arrival to school as well. Additional information will also be coming from the district. Thank you for keeping us safe and your understanding as we update systems and procedures in response to community needs and health guidance. Parents keeping ill students home from school this year have allowed us to stay in-person as long as we have and we appreciate it very much! 

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