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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 1/12/2021


Tiger Tuesday News

January 12, 2021

Happy Tuesday! We cannot even begin to tell you how much joy we all felt today getting to see students in-person for the first time in 7 weeks! It has been a happy and fun day at PVMS and it makes us even more excited for the day when all Tigers will be back in the building. 

Important Update for Blended Learning Students for Their Remote Learning Days

There will be a change in schedule expectations for our blended learners on their remote days. Starting today, they are required to attend the scheduled office hours for each of their classes and attendance will be taken for these times. These short classes will be led by our virtual teachers and will serve as time for reteach and practice so that our blended learning students are able to stay on track with their learning while only being in-person two days a week. We are hopeful that this small change will have a big, positive impact. Students have received schedule information for these office hours from their Advisory teachers. Attendance for these periods has been a bit confusing in our online system today so we appreciate you patience and understanding while we work through potential solutions to make this easier for our teachers to navigate. 

Office Hours

Our main office hours and staffing have returned to normal as of today. Please call our main office at 720-685-5400 or email the following people directly for support.

Cristina Bissell  (Principal)           

Grace Bird (Assistant Principal)  

Jarred Ratzlaff (Dean of Students)

Araceli Mota (Registrar)              

Leslie Nelson (Attendance)         

Morning Drop-off

A reminder that it is important for all cars that are dropping off students in the morning to follow the directions of our staff and pull as far forward towards to west end of the drop-off line as possible. This ensures an efficient and safe arrival for all students and families! 

PVMS Dion’s Fundraiser

PVMS will be hosting a fundraiser at Dion’s Pizza on January 26, 2021 from 5:00-8:00 pm. This fundraiser is easy because all we have to do is show and eat pizza and we get a percentage of sales. Please join us at 15150 E 104th Ave, Commerce City, CO and help our WEB program raise money. 

COVID Updates

If your student is returning to in person learning next week please support us by completing this form. This district form will also be shared by your Tiger’s Advisory teacher in their Tiger Time Google Classroom. If you have more than one student at PVMS, you only need to fill out the form once. Please just make sure to include all of their names and make off all of their advisory teachers.

Starting today, the district will be sending out a health screener to every family every morning. You will only fill out the form IF your Tiger is sick. If your Tiger is healthy it will not need to be filled out. 

Tiger Celebration! 

Seventh grade students recently completed a digital project at the end of their adversity unit.

Students worked in pairs to complete a graphic organizer to research a famous person who had experienced and overcome adversity. After, they wrote a clever script as though one of the partners was a journalist interviewing the guest on a documentary newscast show- ALL while working virtually!

Students filmed their first draft video using a Chrome extension called Screencastify. They gave and received feedback from their peers and teacher. Groups edited their script to change their interview so that it was more engaging and re-filmed the final drafts published here (!

Click the link above ^^ and select a teacher's name to enjoy student hard work! Thank you to Ms. Hassel and Ms. McGee for planning this awesome learning experience for our students! 

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