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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 2/16/21


PVMS Tiger News

February 16, 2021

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR… Please be sure your student has a jacket and other important cold weather clothing and are dropped off as close to 9:45 am as possible in the morning. We are unable to allow kids in the building until 9:45 am because we do not have supervision until that time. 

Prairie View High School Check-it-Out Night

PVHS counselors will be hosting two Q&A sessions this week. Information can be found here.


COVID Update: COVID-19 communication for PVMS will now be facilitated by Korri Stauffer. Please reach out to her with questions, concerns, or health updates. or call her at 720-685-5409


Cohort Closure: We currently have one 8th grade cohort on quarantine. We do not have the staffing to cover all of our 8th grade classes due to 8th grade teachers and other staff members also being quarantined. All Blended Learning 8th graders will be learning remotely this week and will follow the schedule below. If your child is in the quarantined cohort, you should have received a message last night, if you have questions or concerns please call Korri Stauffer at 720-685-5409. 


Childhood Immunization Information

Please see the following letters from the Colorado Department of Public Health and environment. Details about Colorado’s Immunization requirements are explained and PVMS’s current immunization rates are included.

CDPHE Immunization Letter - ENG

CDPHE Immunization Letter - SPN


Parent Teacher Conferences

Spring conference will take place on Monday, March 8 and they will be completely virtual. Please be on the lookout from your student’s teachers with information about how to sign up for a video conference with them.


February is a fun month at PVMS!  At the beginning of February we began our annual (6th year) Make-A-Wish event.  In the last five years, PVMS has raised $21,564!!  We are one of the top contributors in the state out of middle school participation and we have already raised nearly $2,000 in just the last two weeks! Most importantly, we have increased awareness about this important cause and how generosity and kindness can have a huge impact for all involved.  

Our Wish Kid this year is Parker!  He is 14 years old and is from Ft. Collins.  Parker has Loeys-Dietz Syndrome. He believes young people can make a difference in this world by being truthful. kind and not judging others by how they look.  Because of covid and travel restrictions, Parker will receive one of these wishes: to meet his favorite youtuber, spend a week in the Carolinas, play a round of golf with his favorite pro golfer, or take a cruise in the Bahamas. 

Students will be learning about the Make-A-Wish foundation and our Wish Kid, Parker, in their advisory class.  

PVMS - Meet Parker!.pdf

Additionally, we are having a grade-level fundraising competition.  Feel free to help your student's grade WIN.  Click on the grade level fundraising page to make a donation:

8th Grade:

7th Grade:

6th Grade:

We think this is a perfect opportunity to ground ourselves in the strength of generosity and kindness.  If students are unable to donate, we are  encouraging them to give "acts of kindness" to their community and family.  Acts of kindness are just as valuable, if not more, than any monetary contribution.  Thanks for your support!!

Campus Hours

The PVMS campus is open for students from 9:45am to 4:45pm. We ask that you please make your best effort to not drop-off students before or pick-up after these times. Student safety is our top priority and we do not offer outside supervision outside of these times. This is especially important as we experience colder and snowier weather. 

CMAS Testing

It's hard to believe, but CMAS testing will be upon us soon. Testing is scheduled to occur from April 12th to 20th. These annual state assessments measure a student's proficiency related to state English Language Arts, math, and science standards. These assessments provide us with invaluable data to help us plan to meet the needs of our students. This data is even more important than ever for us considering all the changes and interruptions that have occurred in the last year - we are excited to see where all of our students are so that we can plan accordingly for their learning in the upcoming school year. Schedules for testing will be shared in March. 

Virtual Students & CMAS -  While we offer a fully virtual option for day-to-day learning, the state requires that CMAS be completed within the school building. As with our in-person learners, student safety is our #1 priority and we are confident that we will be able to provide a safe environment for our virtual students to test at PVMS. Virtual students will be assigned to specific testing groups only made up of other virtual students, are separate from in-person learners/teachers and will follow all state guidelines for safety including distancing, capacity, and masking. Additionally, they will arrive at a different time and enter the building through separate doors. If you have a virtual PVMS student and you have not already, please complete this survey to help us gather information. We successfully completed ACCESS testing in January for our virtual students and everything went very well! 

Questions regarding state assessments should be directed to Assistant Principal and School Assessment Coordinator Grace Bird at 

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