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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 5/11/21


PVMS Tiger News


Outcomes That Matter Most 

School district 27J has created a tool called the 27J Performance Dashboard. The 27J Performance Dashboard provides information about the health and performance of the 27J school system by taking into consideration the priority attributes for academics as well as climate and culture.

The purpose of the dashboard is to communicate, tune into, and deliver the outcomes that matter. Many of these metrics are in direct alignment with 27J School Board Global Ends. The 27J Dashboard supports continuous improvement towards prioritized goals. To access the 2020-21 Dashboard, click here. 

In order to prepare for the release of this dashboard (and eventually a PVMS dashboard), I have been sharing various data points with you all through recent Tiger memos, so that when our dashboard is released the data will be easier to understand. The dashboard monitors progress on attendance, school culture, behavior, and academics which all align to the goals we are focusing on at PVMS. 


Students recently participated in SPEAK week.  This is a week geared towards suicide prevention, awareness, and knowledge.  We incorporated our Sources of Strength program by focusing on the numerous strengths students have in their lives when stress or problems arise.  Students participated in a letter exchange where they wrote an anonymous letter of encouragement.  They had the opportunity to place their letter in a box and take one for themselves to read and be encouraged.   Another activity involved students tracing their hand and writing a struggle they are currently dealing with.  Along with the struggle, they wrote all of the positive ways they are working on overcoming that struggle.  We created a mural to demonstrate how we all have something we are working through and we are stronger together.  THis is just a small example of the social/emotional learning all students participate in at PVMS.

6th and 7th grade Virtual Student Check-Out

Our 6th and 7th grade virtual students will need to come to PVMS May 26th anytime from 7:30-9:30am and 10:30am-5:00 pm to drop-off their Chromebook, charger, and hot spot. They may also pick-up their certificates and yearbooks. We will have a designated drive-thru area prepared to make this as contactless as possible. More information will be shared from the Tiger Time teachers to your TIGER. 

Continuation Invites: Our continuation invitations should be arriving in the mail this week, they were sent to primary mailing addresses in Infinite Campus.  All students received an invitation regardless of their participation in summer school this year.  We are so excited to celebrate them on the 25th of May. The continuation invitation can be viewed here in case your address is not up to date in IC or you are a secondary household.  Thanks!

WARM Weather Wear:  As the weather gets warmer, our staff likes to take the kids outside for different activities and mask breaks. Please send your students with sunglasses, water bottles, sunscreen or anything else that they may need to keep their eyeballs and skin safe. The last two days of school May 25 and 26th students will be spending a large portion of their time outside. Plan accordingly. 

Play with Brighton PD!

The Brighton Police Department will be hosting a variety of community activities this summer.  Students can ask Officer Hernandez for more information and there are posters located in the front lobby with more info. Use your Phone’s QR Code reader to get more details. 

1) The Brighton Police will be hosting their annual Bike With A Cop Event. There are three dates to choose from: You can come ride your bike with the cops on June 1st, June 22nd, or July 22nd.  Bike Riders will be starting at parks located in Brighton and will ride for about an hour.  Please see the posters for information in the font lobby. 

2) Interested in playing basketball?  The  3  3 Brighton's Finest Basketball Challenge will be held on June 11th at Brighton Recreation Center.  This event is for both boys and girls!  Create a team of 3, 4 or 5 players and challenge Brighton Police Officers on June 11!

3) Brighton Teen Academy.  Interested in being a police officer?  Get first hand training from police officers, swat officers, K9 officers, evidence technicians. This is a  one week academy (for students going into 9th grade only).  July 13th through July 16th at the Brighton Police Department (8:30am to 4:30pm).   


Students can ask Officer Hernandez for more information and there are posters located in the front lobby with more info. Use your Phone’s QR Code reader to get more details. 

COVID INFO to report: Korri Stauffer is our PVMS COVID-19 Site Coordinator. Please reach out to her with questions, concerns, or health updates. If your student has symptoms at any point, please contact Ms. Stauffer immediately - it is easier to deal with concerns and keeps students and staff safe the sooner we know about potential illness! or call her at 720-685-5409


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