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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 5/18/21

PVMS Tiger News


It is hard to believe that this is the last full week of the 2020-21 school year. It has been quite the rollercoaster, but we are so proud of the work that our staff and and students have done this year and the positive attitudes they maintained through many changes and challenges. We are excited to have some fun over the next week and celebrate the continuation of our 8th graders. 

Continuation Invites

Our continuation invitations should have arrived in the mail last week. They were sent to primary mailing addresses in Infinite Campus.  All students received an invitation regardless of their participation in summer school this year.  We are so excited to celebrate them on the 25th of May. The continuation invitation can be viewed here in case your address is not up to date in IC or you are a secondary household. 

Chromebook Return

In order for us to properly inventory our Chromebooks and have essential repairs made, we will collect all 6th and 7th grade student Chromebooks before they leave for the summer school. Please make sure that your student returns both the Chromebook and charger. Students participating in summer school will keep their devices. 

6th and 7th grade virtual student check-out: 

Our 6th and 7th grade virtual students may come to school on May 26th anytime from 7:30-9:30 am and 10:30-5:00 pm to drop-off their Chromebook, charger, and hotspots. They may also pick-up their certificates and yearbooks. We will have a designated drive-thru area prepared to make this as contactless as possible. More information will be shared from the Tiger Time teachers to your TIGER. 

WARM Weather Wear:  As the weather gets warmer, our staff likes to take the kids outside for different activities and mask breaks. Please send your students with sunglasses, water bottles, sunscreen or anything else that they may need to keep their eyeballs and skin safe. The last two days of school May 25 and 26th students will be spending a large portion of their time outside. Plan accordingly. 

COVID INFO to report: Korri Stauffer is our PVMS COVID-19 Site Coordinator. Please reach out to her with questions, concerns, or health updates. If your student has symptoms at any point, please contact Ms. Stauffer immediately - it is easier to deal with concerns and keeps students and staff safe the sooner we know about potential illness! or call her at 720-685-5409


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