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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 11/16/21


Tiger Tuesday News

November 16, 2021


Hello PVMS Families & Community,

Over the last month we asked you (a lot) to complete our semesterly Family Culture & Climate Survey. More than 50% of our families participated and we are so grateful for the feedback to help us build a stronger and more inclusive learning environment for our students and community. Here are this semester’s results:

Answer options for questions on the survey were:

4 - Excellent

3 - Good

2 - Average

1 - Poor

Our goal is to average between a 3 and 4 for each questions.There are areas where we need to grow, most specifically in regarding to school and family partnerships as outlined by questions 6. We will be hosting virtual parent forums in the second semester to receive feedback about how we can better partner with parents. 

1. SAFETY - Our school environment is a safe place to learn. 


2. SAFETY - Student behavior is monitored & discipline is handled effectively by teachers & administration.  


3. COMMUNICATION - The school keeps me informed & up-to-date through a variety of communication measures.  


4. COMMUNICATION - When I have reached out to a staff member, my request/question/need has been addressed in a reasonable amount of time.  3.35


5. WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT - I feel welcome at the school, I am listened to and my needs are important.  


6. PARENT PARTNERSHIPS -I feel like an important member of my student's education. (For example, I volunteer. I am a member of the parent teacher organization. I am a member of the school accountability committee. 


7. HIGH QUALITY STAFF - The teaching staff is knowledgeable & committed to my child's learning and development.   


8. HIGH QUALITY STAFF - Administrative staff are aware of the happenings at the school, are leading toward better outcomes, and are responsive to student and parent needs.    


9. HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR LEARNING - There is a focus on meeting the needs of my student & ensuring growth regardless of ability.                                                                                      



Fall Break Reminder

There will be no school the entire week of November 22-26th (next week!).  Students return to school on Tuesday, November 30th. 


This Week’s Basketball Games

Tuesday, November 16th vs. Quist

A Team - Home
B Team - Away
Please remember that all spectators are required to be masked at all times during indoor sporting events. Students are required to pay $2 to attend basketball games. Students accompanied by parents are free! 



A reminder that students are responsible for their Chromebooks at all times! Students should not leave Chromebooks outside at recess or in the cafeteria unattended. The replacement fee for a lost Chromebook is $260! 


8th Grade Career Expo

8th grade families it is that time of year again for the annual Adams County Career Expo.  All 8th grade students in Adams County have the opportunity to attend this event hosted by the Adams County Education Consortium.  This year, the event will be held virtually to follow COVID 19 protocols.  This Wednesday, November 17th, our 8th grade students will meet with career professionals in a virtual setting where they will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear about their job and daily life.  To prepare for this event, students will be completing lessons in advisory by Junior Achievement on creating a brand, high growth careers, career clusters, interviewing skills, professionalism etc.  Students who do an exemplary job of demonstrating professionalism on the day of the expo will be awarded prizes based on the number of businesses that recognize them as a "top student,"  Last year, one of our 8th grade students received the highest award at the expo of being the top student out of all of the 8th graders in  Adams County.  We also had the most students recognized by businesses out of all the schools in Adams County.  We hope our students will make us proud again this year at the Expo! 


Submit Photos for the Yearbook!  

Do you have great photos from the 21-22 school year!?! Please share with our yearbook advisor Catherine Davies at


A reminder that students are responsible for coming to school with their own masks. We do not have the supply to keep this up. We will begin calling home for students that arrive at school without a mask or that we are having to provide masks to frequently. 

Please also remind your student that their mask must cover both their mouth AND nose. We have many students wearing them under their nose despite repeated reminders. Please expect a phone call home if this behavior continues. If students are habitually attending school without a mask or continue to receive reminders about proper mask usage, a switch to the 27 J online school will be recommended. 


COVID Reminders

Exposure: Families can follow COVID cases and quarantines on our district dashboard. The PVMS exposure list can be found here. Please review this list regularly to see if there was an exposure in one of your student’s classes. 

Absences & Classwork: If your student is absent due to an exposure or illness, they are still responsible for their school work. All assignments will be available asynchronously in Google Classroom. If your student has a documented/reported illness, they will be given additional time to make up missed work. If your student is quarantined as precaution, they will not be given extra days and are required to keep up with the classwork asynchronously. Teachers are available via email for support and students can expect responses from them within 24 hours. 

Health Screening: Families play an essential role in keeping PVMS safe and healthy. If your Tiger has signs/symptoms of illness, has received a COVID-19 test and is awaiting results, or has had a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days you should fill out this form. Each form is school specific.  Please keep your child home until you have heard from your school via email or phone call.