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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 1/18/22

Tiger Tuesday News

January 18, 2022

Reading Challenge Winners

A huge shout-out to our reading challenge winners Sami and Yordana! 6th grader Sami W. read a total of 2,314 pages in the first semester of the school year and 8th grader Yordana A. read 2,256 pages. Both students won a brand new Kindle ereader and case! 



A reminder PVMS is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic items (phones, earbuds, gaming systems etc.) Students are not supposed to have these items at school as they are not conducive to the learning environment. We will use our redirect process as well as contact home if electronic devices are confiscated by our staff. Parents and or guardians will be asked to come to PVMS and retrieve the phone/earbuds etc. Please remind your TIGER that they are not to have these items at PVMS.

Since cell phones are prohibited while at school, we ask that you please direct any necessary communication to your students through our main office during school hours. Students caught texting during school hours, even if it is with a parent, will still have their phones confiscated.

Information about this and other student rules at PVMS can be found in our Student Handbook. 

Dads on Duty

Calling all dads!!!! We are looking for volunteers to support at PVMS check out this video  to learn more and sign-up here! and our Culture & Climate team will be in contact with you. 


Yearbooks are available to purchase now! Get them for $30 before the price goes up after winter break. Go to and search for our school to buy.

Do you have great photos from the 21-22 school year!?! Please share with our yearbook advisor Catherine Davies at

Meetings with Administrators

If you need to speak with or meet with an administrator, please call our main office at 720-685-5400 to schedule an appointment or be transferred to their voicemail. 

Safety and behavior concerns can be emailed directly to Dean of Students Allie Schiavoneat 


A reminder that students are responsible for their Chromebooks at all times! Students should not leave Chromebooks outside at recess or in the cafeteria unattended. The replacement fee for a lost Chromebook is $260!