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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 4/12/22

Happy Tuesday PVMS Families & Community! 

It’s hard to believe but there are only six weeks remaining in the school year. Please take a moment to review your student’s grade in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and support them to submit work that is missing and ask for help in subjects they are struggling in. 


Parent Survey Results

Thank you so much for participating in our Spring Parent Survey. Our results will help us build a better PVMS for the 2022-2023 school year. In the parent survey a score of 4 correlates with “Strongly Agree” and a 3 correlates with “Agree”. Here were our highest and lowest scores on the survey. 

Strongest Areas

3.39 - My child has at least one adult at their school that believes in them and cares about their success. 

3.28 - The teaching staff is knowledgeable and committed to my child’s learning and development. 

Areas of Growth

2.99 - Student behavior is monitored and discipline is handled effectively by teachers and administrators.

2.97 - I feel like an important member of my child’s education. 

Student Pick-Up & Absences

Due to supervision and learning needs, we are not able to check students out of the office after 4:10pm. If you have to pick up a student for an appointment, you will need to do so before 4:10 or you will need to wait until dismissal at 4:32pm. We are also seeing some families who are checking their student out early to avoid after-school traffic. While we understand that traffic can be frustrating, students are missing out on hours of important learning every week because of this. Thank you for your understanding and support.

We are also seeing an increase number of absences. While we know that illness and family emergencies come up, please consider the impact that missing school has on your child's learning. Missing 1 day a week means missing 25% of the instruction for that week. Keep in mind that a student that has 4 or more unexcused absences in any month or 10 or more unexcused absences during the school year is considered habitually truant under Colorado law. 

Upcoming Field Trip- 8th grade

8th grade students will be visiting Finance Park this week and next week.  The upstairs pod (Growth team) will be visiting Finance Park on April 14th and the downstairs pod (School Spirit team) will be visiting Finance Park on April 19th.  We are looking for parent chaperones to help with this field trip so mark your calendars, if you are interested in chaperoning, please click on the link below to sign up.  Please see this flier for more information.  Permission should have been submitted to students' advisory teachers.



CMAS Testing is well underway and our students have been amazing. We have already hit the 95% completion requirement for ELA and are shooting for the same this week with Math. We are so proud of the culture we have built that has destigmatized and removed the stress our students feel about assessments like this. As we tell our students, it’s just a tool to help us know what they do know and what they don’t know so that we can be better for them. 

Testing did not take place in 2020 due to COVID school closures and testing was reduced in 2021 also due to COVID. We are excited to have returned to a more typical schedule with all students in person so that our data is complete and we can have a well-rounded picture of where students are and what they need. 

PVMS currently holds a Performance Rating from the state of Colorado. Not that we are competitive or anything but we are the only middle school in the district with this rating! Go TIGERS! 

If you have questions related to CMAS or any other assessments at PVMS, please contact Assistant Principal Grace Bird at


Meetings with Administrators

Please understand that in an effort to communicate in a timely manner, PVMS office staff, deans, and counselors are an integral part of our admin team.  These staff are experts in their roles and we have full confidence in their ability to communicate with families. 

If you need to speak with or meet with an administrator, please call our main office at 720-685-5400 to schedule an appointment or be transferred to their voicemail. 

Safety and behavior concerns can be emailed directly to Dean of Students Allie Schiavoneat 


2022-23 Immunization Requirements

It’s hard to believe but we are already underway prepping for the 22-23 school year. Getting vaccinated is an important part of a student’s school readiness and keeps children from catching and spreading diseases that can make them sick and potentially disrupt in-person learning. See below for guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment on required school immunizations.

Immunization Guidance - English

Immunization Guidance - Spanish



We have many students with outstanding fees. We have sent fee balance notices in the mail to all families. These funds are very important to PVMS and allow us to support learning opportunities for your students. 27J policy also outlines that students may not participate in extracurricular activities, including sports, if their fees are not paid. 

If your student has previously qualified for Free & Reduced Lunch you would have had some reduced or waived fees. Because meals are free for all students this year, many families did not complete this application. This application must be submitted in order to eligible program fees to be waived. Please visit this site to complete the application. 


Chromebook Repair Times & Replacement Cost

With both staffing and Chromebook shortages, we are struggling to keep Chromebooks in kid’s hands. Current repair times from Dell for hardware repairs are about 6-8 weeks. Please talk to your student about taking good care of their CBs to avoid being without them and facing damage or loss charges. Minor damage like missing keys is totally avoidable! 

All PVMS Students should have a working Chromebook by the end of this week. If you student does not have a CB at that time, please reach out to Assistant Principal Grace Bird at

A reminder that students are responsible for their Chromebooks at all times! Students should not leave Chromebooks outside at recess or in the cafeteria unattended. The replacement fee for a lost Chromebook is $260! Students needing replacement chargers will be charged $30. 



A reminder PVMS is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic items (phones, earbuds, gaming systems etc.) Students are not supposed to have these items at school as they are not conducive to the learning environment. We will use our redirect process as well as contact home if electronic devices are confiscated by our staff. Parents and or guardians will be asked to come to PVMS and retrieve the phone/earbuds etc. Please remind your TIGER that they are not to have these items at PVMS.

Since cell phones are prohibited while at school, we ask that you please direct any necessary communication to your students through our main office during school hours. Students caught texting during school hours, even if it is with a parent, will still have their phones confiscated.

Information about this and other student rules at PVMS can be found in our Student Handbook.