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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 8/16/22

Tiger Tuesday News

August 16, 2022

Traffic Reminders

We are doing what we can to alleviate traffic by freeing up space in our primary parkin lot. Please make sure to listen to the adults directing traffic and be respectful to them. Also, don't forget that the #1 thing that you can do to help us is to please pull forward as much as possible. 

Picture Day

Wednesday, August 24th is picture day! Students have received the picture day order form in advisory.



Fall sports kick off today! Practices begin today and parent meetings will be held the next two nights in the cafeteria at 5pm:

Wednesday, August 17th - Volleyball
Thursday, August 18th - Football 
If your student is interested in playing a sport at ANY point this school year please make sure that your student has an updated physical. The sooner you get this completed the easier it will be when it comes to registering your student for athletics. 

If you have any questions, please contact Alaina Pendleton at


Parent Meetings

We are so excited and grateful to have had over 400 PVMS join us for our back-to-school meetings! We are confident that our community have shared clarity on PVMS value and expectations will set us up to have a successful school year. 

Families that did not attend a meeting will be contacted tomorrow with next steps to ensure that all families have received the important information for the upcoming school year. 

8th Grade Cohorting

An important part of 8th grade is ensuring that our students are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of high school. Last year, we saw a significant amount of students struggling to make positive choices durings unstructured time. In order to better support student safety, prioritize learning, and recognize students that are making positive choices, we are implementing a cohorting model in the 8th grade to begin the year. Students have been placed in groups (that were created randomly by our scheduling system) and they will travel with this set cohort of students to their core classes. To reduce unstructured time, students will not begin the year with lockers and will instead carry their belongings with them in a backpack and will not have unstructured passing periods. We are hopeful that the cohort model will provide students with the opportunity to build community and a stronger sense of belonging with their peers. There will be opportunities for individuals and cohorts to earn back privileges like lockers throughout the year, which will also give us another opportunity to celebrate students who are making positive choices. 

Student Fees

A reminder that student fees for the 2022-23 have been added to your student accounts. The district Fee Schedule can be found here. 

Per district policy, students that participate in athletics are required to have all student fees, not just athletic fees.

WEB update- First Day for 6th grade

We had an AMAZING first day with 6th graders this year.  We had 50 8th graders show up to lead and 6th graders through their first morning with energy and excitement.  Our 6th grade group was very enthusiastic as well and participated more than any group we have had in the past few years.  

Our WEB leaders will be getting back together with their WEB groups this Friday for a quick check in and a sweet treat.  We are so excited for these relationships to build and grow over the course of the year. 



Meet our Therapy Dog Copper !

Copper is Prairie View Middle School’s therapy dog. He is so excited to be back at work after his summer break. He is a golden retriever and spends his day with Mrs. Nelson, the 8th grade school counselor. They are a certified team and primarily work with 8th grade students. Copper will occasionally visit 6th and 7th grade classrooms or lunch for 10-15 minutes at a time. If you are concerned about your child having contact with Copper, please fill out the form linked here. Also, if you are interested in the district policy on therapy dogs, you can find it here.  


Lunch Concerns - Kiddos aren't eating! 

We have seen a significant drop in the number of students eating lunch compared to last year.  Many students are reporting that their parents have not put money in their account, but we know that middle school students do not always ask and follow through on this! Please be aware that your student needs money in their account unless they qualify for free lunch.  If you have not filled out the application, you can find it below along with an explanation about lunch funding changes. The costs for lunch are listed below:

Breakfast- $2.25
Lunch- $3.75
Please encourage your student(s) to eat during the school day, this is an important part of taking care of themselves.  


Free & Reduced Lunch Applications

Breakfast and lunch are sadly no longer be free for all students in the 2022-23 school year as the government program that funded that has ended. In order to receive free or reduced lunch (as well as reduced fees) please make sure to complete the Free & Reduced Lunch Application.

Directions can be found here.



Families still in need of bus transportation should contact the 27J Transportation Department directly. Information can be found here. 

All school rules apply to district transportation. Students are subject to consequences, including suspension from or complete removal from transportation services for high-level or habitual behaviors. 


Important Documents for the 2022-23 School Year

Bell Schedule

Supply List

Student Handbook