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PVMS Tiger Tuesday News 9/20/22

Tiger Tuesday News

September 20th, 2022


As we shared at our back-to-school family meetings, attendance is one of the primary predictors of success for middle school students. Students in middle school are of compulsory attendance age and are required to be enrolled in and attend school. A student with 10 or more absences in a year are considered chronically truant. We are beginning to see an increase in student absences. We understand that life happens, but please be mindful of the missed learning that occurs when a student is not as school. 

Also please remember that school begins at 8:30. All students should be in class at this time. 

October Count

Every year the state does an official enrollment count for all schools and our funding is dependent on the amount of students counted as attending PVMS during this window of time. The window this year is September 23 to October 12. The official count day is October 4th. Accurate attendance during these weeks is extra important to ensure we have an accurate count of actively attending students. Please make sure you are communicating with the office if your student has absences, especially during this window.

Drug Education Assembly

This Friday, September 23rd, 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to attend a Drug Education Assembly. Lynn Riemer, president of ACT on Drugs, Inc., has a regional and National reputation as a speaker, trainer, and advocate on the issues related to substance abuse. As an experienced chemist and prior member of the North Metro Drug Task Force in Colorado, her experience and engaging style brings a real, personal, and vivid face to the issues presented by illicit drug use. Lynn speaks regularly with students, community child advocacy groups, industrial and professional groups, and employees of local and State governmental agencies about drug awareness, recognition, and prevention.

Class Pictures!

On Wednesday, September 28th each grade-level will have a group picture taken together in the gym. Order forms from Lifetouch will be given to students tomorrow during advisory if you would like to purchase a copy of the class picture. It is $16 for a 10”x30” picture. You can also order and pay for the grade-level picture online at The picture ID is: CG082002TO.

School Accountability Committee (SAC)

In an effort to build stronger partnerships with the PVMS community and our students' families, we will be establishing a School Accountability Committee this year. The committee will be composed of parents/guardians and PVMS staff. Meetings will be facilitated by Principal Grace Bird and Assistant Principal Allie Schiavone. SAC will examine important data about PVMS and provide input on systems and structures to help students be successful. Meetings will be held the first Tuesday of each month from 6:00-7:30pm in the PVMS Library. The first meeting will take place Tuesday, October 4th. All families are welcome!  If you would like to participate, please fill out this form. We will also be reaching out directly to families that expressed interest at our back-to-school meetings in joining. 

Family Safety Night

Schools face a range of hazards and have unique challenges when it comes to safety and security. Improve your safety knowledge at our Family Safety Night on Thursday, October 13 at Prairie View High School at 5 PM. You'll meet 27J's Emergency Preparedness and safety teams, plus over 20 of our community safety partners, and participate in interactive learning opportunities.

Homework Folders & Assignment Trackers

In an effort to support students to stay organized and on top of their school work as well as help keep parents informed, we are requiring that all students keep a homework folder this year that has an assignments tracker inside. They fill out this tracker in every class, every day.

Students are required to have a parent/guardian sign their assignment tracker at the end of each week. Please take time when you sign these to discuss your student’s classwork and homework with them. If their assignment tracker is blank, please discuss why with them and we ask that you do not sign blank forms. 

8th Grade Families - The vast majority of our 8th graders did not purchase this required supply and so do not have these folders. Please consider grabbing a folder for your student the next time you are at the store. 


Chromebooks are 27J property in the care of students. Chromebooks, cases, and chargers have all been labeled with students' names. If a student has misplaced their Chromebook or suspect it was taken, they need to report it to their advisory teacher as soon as possible. Cases must stay on Chromebooks at all times.

Students that intentionally damage their Chromebooks will be responsible for the cost of the replacement or repairs:

Replacement Chromebook - $325
Screen Replacement/Repair - $50
Keyboard Replacement/Repair - $40
Also….Please DO NOT put stickers on chromebooks!

Student Pick-Up - ID’S ARE REQUIRED! 

A very important reminder that identification is REQUIRED in order to pick up a student from school. This is an essential safety protocol to ensure that your students are only released to a parent/guardian or approved contact whose identity we are able to verify. Please be kind and respectful to our front office team that upholds this important policy.

Picture Retakes

Picture retake day for students that were absent on the original day or would like to retake their picture will be on Thursday, October 6th. 

If a student is doing a true retake because they didn't like the first take, they MUST bring back that package and exchange it with the photographers on picture day.

Boys Basketball

Attention all 7th and 8th grade boys basketball players! Your time to shine is coming up! Boys basketball tryouts will begin October 18th. Which means that you need to register, pay the fee (which is $150), and turn in your physical. 

WE WILL BE CAPPING AT 40. This means the first 40 players to have ALL their things turned in (including ALL fees paid, even if it is not athletics related) will be on the team. After 40 we will have a waitlist, which will come into play if students are removed from the team. 

The registration link can be found on the PVMS website, here you can upload your physical as well. Please make sure you are only registering for boys basketball at this time. Girls basketball will be after winter break. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Athletic Director Alaina Pendleton at

Upcoming Field Trip Opportunities for 8th grade

Mark your calendars!  All 8th grade students will be attending Finance Park this year in October.  The upstairs pod will attend on October 5th and the downstairs pod will attend on October 6th. Update** Finance Park was able to find business partners for both days so we will no longer need parent volunteers.  Your students will be interacting with professionals from the community on this trip!    8th grade will also be attending the Adams County Career Expo on November 10th.  Both of these trips will help to promote the career readiness learning of our 8th grade students.  More details to come!


If you are cleaning out your closets and come across any old board games or card games or puzzles please consider donating them to the PVMS counseling office.  This year we are building social skills through games in our small groups and advisory classes.  If you have a donation, please contact Melissa Nelson

**Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated, we are so grateful!!

Athletics Fees Update


This is a reminder that all school fees and sports fees must be paid for athletes to participate in sports. This includes current fees and past due fees. 

Please also note that Athletic fees for the 22-23 school year are $150 not $125. We are so sorry about this miscommunication. If you need to set up a plan to pay this additional $25 please let our front office know.

If you qualify for Free or Reduced lunch you also receive reduced fees. Directions for that application can be found here. 

8th Grade Continuation Requirements Reminder

As discussed at our required back-to-school parent meetings, there are requirements for 8th graders to participate in end-of-year celebrations including, but not limited to the Continuation Ceremony & Elitches Field Trip

Students must:

Have passing grades in all classes
Have all school fees paid
Have NO drug, alcohol or weapons offenses for the 22-23 school year.

COVID Positive Case Reporting & Isolation for Students

As much as we hate to admit it, COVID is still a thing! If your student tests positive, you need to fill out the Student COVID Reporting Form, this is also linked on the 27J COVID page. 

Students or parents need to report their absence per usual to their school, and should follow these instructions to help determine their isolation period (also on our the 27J website). 

Student Fees

A reminder that student fees for the 2022-23 have been added to your student accounts. The district Fee Schedule can be found here. 

Per district policy, students that participate in athletics are required to have all student fees, not just athletic fees.


School breakfast and lunch are sadly no longer free for all students. The federal program that paid for these meals the last two years has ended and so students are now required to pay the following costs: 

Breakfast- $2.25
Lunch- $3.75
Please encourage your student(s) to eat during the school day, this is an important part of taking care of themselves.

In order to receive free or reduced meals (as well as reduced fees) please make sure to complete the annual Free & Reduced Lunch application. Directions can be found here.

Important Documents for the 2022-23 School Year

Bell Schedule

Supply List

Student Handbook

Staff Contact List