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Tiger Tuesday News 10/25/22

Tiger Tuesday News

October 25, 2022


We love Halloween at PVMS and are excited to celebrate with our students on Friday by dressing up! Students are welcome to dress up as long as all dress code policies are still followed and they may not wear masks or obscure their faces in a way that makes them unidentifiable, bring fake weapons, or use fake blood.

Fall Festival

Our teachers have been planning an awesome fall festival for our students for Friday, November 14th to celebrate our students and provide an opportunity to have fun with their peers. Be on the lookout tomorrow for a newsletter from AP Allie Schiavone with information and opportunities to volunteer.

School Accountability Committee (SAC) 

Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, November 1st at 6:00 PM, we will dig into the Fall Parent SurveyResults and Fundraising needs/ideas.


Immunization Compliance Deadline

This Friday is the deadline for students to be compliant with Colorado law regarding school-required immunizations. Families with students out of compliance have been notified directly. They have received communication via mail and email and will begin receiving phone calls this week from school staff. 

If your child is exempt from immunizations, you must complete the yearly online immunization module on the CDPHE website and provide a printed copy to your school. If your child has an upcoming appointment to receive their shots, please have your healthcare provider fax a proof of appointment to the school.

If we do not receive either the exemption certificate, proof of appointment, or copy of completed immunizations, students out of compliance may not attend school on October 28th and will need to stay home until we receive the required documentation.

If you have any questions, please call our Health Office to speak to Melania Mota at 720-685-5410. Our fax number is 720-685-5404.


We Need Highlighters! 

Wow! We have already had 50 boxes of highlighters donated from our community! Thank you sooooo much. We are beginning to implement some shared literacy strategies to improve struggling comprehension and highlighters are a key part of one of the strategies. Please consider donating pink, green, and yellow highlighters. They can be left at our main office OR you can buy them on Amazon on our wish list to send directly to us. Here is the wishlist link:


Outstanding School Fees

As we discussed at parent meetings in August, all students are assessed basic fees each school year to cover the costs of software licensing, Chromebook repairs and student activities. Fees are $85 for the 2022-23 school year. At PVMS, we currently have $29,000 in outstanding fees! If you are unsure about your student’s fees, please call our main office. If you are struggling to pay these fees, please connect with Assistant Principal Allie Schiavone at or Principal Grace Bird at 


Outdoor Education

With the restrictions from COVID over the last few years, we have missed out on our Outdoor Ed learning adventure that our 6th graders usually embark on in the fall. This is an overnight trip to YMCA camp in Estes Park. Students get to interact with nature, have hands-on experiences with learning from Science class, and build community with their classes. We are actively planning to resume these trips starting in Fall 2023! 

We would like to take ALL students in the fall of 2023 to catch up on those that missed out on this during 6th grade, but doing so requires a sizable deposit to be paid now. In order for us to be able to make this deposit we need the funds from our student activities account. Unfortunately, since nearly 50% of our student fees have not been paid so far this year, we do not currently have the funds to make that deposit.

We are really hoping that families paying their fees and the money earned from the chocolate fundraiser will be enough to allow us to take all three grades to Outdoor Ed next year; however, if we cannot get these fees paid, we will only be able to take 6th grade next year. We need your help in paying these fees!

We are also excited for our SAC to begin fundraising efforts in the coming months to support these learning experiences for our students! 

World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

TODAY was the last day for the fundraiser and all money should have been submitted to Office Manager Leslie Nelson. Money owed by students will be added to Infinite Campus accounts later this week if they have not paid. Thank you so much for all the students and families that participated to help PVMS fund student incentive programs and Outdoor Education! 

Weekly Data Recap

Returning next week! 

Important Documents for the 2022-23 School Year

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