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27J Schools’ graduation rates outperform state average

27J Schools is proud the report that in 2018, all five high schools, including one Charter School and two Alternative Education Centers, saw an increase in graduation rates and overall outperformed the state average.


The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) recently announced that Colorado’s four-year graduation rate increased to 80.7 percent for the Class of 2018. 27J Schools’ graduation rate increased from 77.4 percent in 2017 to 81.5 percent in 2018, representing a 4.1 percent growth in the total graduation rate in one year and 0.8% over the state rate. The 2018 four year graduation rate of 81.5% is the highest in 27J Schools since the state changed the manner in which graduation rates are calculated beginning in 2006.


27J Schools Graduation Rate (2017 vs. 2018)





Colorado Graduation Rate %




Total 27J Schools Graduation Rate %




Bolt %




Brighton Heritage Academy %




Brighton High School %




Eagle Ridge Academy %




Prairie View High %






27J Schools outperformed the state graduation rate for female (2.1%), American Indian (2.9%), Hispanic (5.3%), and two or more races (8.9%). The male and Asian graduation rates were almost even with the state rate at 76.5% and 90.0% respectively. Both Black and White students performed slightly below the state graduation rate at 73.3% (.6% below state) and 84.2% (1.1%  below state) respectively.


“I could not be more proud of the progress we continue to make in our graduation rates year over year,” said 27J Schools Superintendent Dr. Chris Fiedler. “Even more exciting is our continued work to close the gap in our graduation rate between our white and Hispanic students. As recently as 2012 the gap between the graduation rates of our white students (80.5%) and Hispanic (62.6%) students was 17.9%. The 2018 data demonstrates that gap is down to 5.5% with white students and Hispanic students graduation rates at 84.2% and 78.7% respectively.”


“There is still much work to be done to insure that ALL students earn a diploma and demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge to prepare them for future success. However, we certainly want to acknowledge and celebrate the Class of 2018, their families, and the dedicated and talented adults that were a part of their educational journey in 27J Schools as we continue to work towards being the schools and school district that our community can believe in most!”