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27J Board re-organizes; names new president, vice president

27J Board of Education re-organizes; names new president, vice president

On Sept.13 the 27J Schools’ Board of Education reorganized its leadership by selecting a new president and vice president.

Board President Greg Piotraschke submitted a letter of resignation from his board seat because he’s moving to another home in 27J. However, it’s not located in the board director district to which he was elected. Board members are elected by all voters in 27J Schools, but they serve as a representative of their board member district. 

The board voted to accept his resignation and it was effective immediately.

About 10 years ago Piotraschke was appointed to fill an unexpired term when his predecessor left the board before that term was up. That’s when that board selected Piotraschke to take over the seat. Two years later he ran to keep his seat and he won that election plus one more. School board members are elected to 4-year terms and by law, they can serve no more than two terms in a row. That board seat is now up for election this coming November.

At this week’s board meeting, board member Ashley Conn made the motion for Lloyd Worth to be the new president. The motion was seconded by board member Tom Green. Worth was elected with a unanimous vote.

Because Worth had been the vice president of the board, his promotion to the president’s role prompted the need to elect his replacement. Board member Leon Thornton made the motion to elect Tom Green for that position. The motion was seconded by board member Mandy Thomas and the board voted unanimously to put Green in that role.

Both Worth and Green were selected to fill their new roles until just after the school board election this coming November. The board will have some new members after that election which will require the board to reorganize again.

In his resignation letter, Piotraschke gave some advice to fellow board members and those who will be new to the board.

“Please continue to cultivate the 27J family and the essence of who we are by these simple things. Listen to the whole com”munity, not just pockets; do your best to get as many points of view as you can,” he said in his letter. ”Trust the experts in the room that are in the thick of it; remember, we hired them to do the work. Always put ‘what’s best for the students’ first. If you do that, every day is a win.”

Piotraschke will be honored on the evening of Sept. 27 at the Board’s regularly scheduled meeting for his decade-long tenure on the board and his service to the students and community of 27J Schools. The community is invited to attend.


Greg Piotraschke

27J Schools former board member