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Parents of Students Not Returning to PVHS in 2019-2020

Parents: You must withdraw your student if:


  1. If you are relocating out of the district or out of state, you are required to sign a Withdrawal Form at PVHS prior to your relocation.


  1. If your student lives within PVHS boundaries, but you want him/her to attend another 27J school (Brighton High School, Heritage Academy, Bridge Academy, Eagle Ridge Academy, or BOLT), you must fill out an Open Enrollment Packet at your school of choice. It is up to the new school to determine if he/she will be admitted. If your student is accepted, you are required to withdraw him/her from PVHS. Not all schools are accepting Open Enrollment requests.


  1. Barb Fasbender, PVHS Registrar, handles all withdrawals



  1. Beth Verdeal, PVHS Counseling Secretary, handles all enrollments       



  1. All enrollments must be completed online -