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Upcoming Construction at PVHS

Dear Prairie View High School parents, guardians and staff members:

I am writing to inform you of some exciting building changes coming to Prairie View High School. Over the winter break, we will begin creating a new student commons space that will enhance safety and security and create more space for students.

Funds from the 2015 School Construction Bond will be used to construct a much needed commons space addition to the front of the school building. The 6,700-square-foot addition will establish a secure entryway including a security screening area, office space for our school resource officer, and create additional “commons” space for students to eat lunch, study or meet up with friends.

The addition will build upon the existing design of the school. This interior will function as a multi-use area, to provide a safe, indoor space with student seating.

The outdoor courtyard will be designed to serve as an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming entrance and will serve to better direct the flow of foot traffic. Courtyard modifications will allow students to access the main entrance from multiple directions tying in the courtyard to create an indoor/outdoor environment for students to enjoy during lunch periods and before/after school.

The construction project is scheduled to be completed by August 2020. More information will be provided to parents and students by the end of this semester including how students will enter school during the construction phase as the current front entrance will be inaccessible.

Attached you will find exterior and interior architectural drawings of the addition.
We are excited to provide our students and staff with a space they can use for multiple purposes and to expand our school’s footprint as we continue to grow.

Thank you
Michael Burke, Principal
Prairie View High School