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SAT w/ Essay Registration

Students and Parents,

Students who wish to opt in to the 2020 SAT w/Essay will need to register for the essay in their College Board account. The SAT w/Essay is optional and is not required for students. 

  • Students must register in advance to take the optional SAT Essay
  • The essay registration window is Monday, January 20 – Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
  • This will be the only opportunity for students who wish to take the optional essay to add it to their April School Day test registration.

When taking the Colorado School Day SAT this spring, 11th grade students will have the option of taking the SAT with or without the optional essay. Adding the essay to their SAT registration is a student choice. Schools or districts should not make policy decisions regarding which students will or will not take the SAT essay.

Students may add the essay to their registration through their online College Board account or by calling the College Board during the window. Schools will not receive extra essay materials for test day changes, therefore please be sure students register during the window. Individual students who wish to take the optional essay must register for it in advance; bulk registration for the SAT essay is not available.

Additional Information:

  1. The SAT essay is scored separately from the SAT. A student’s score on the essay will not improve or reduce their score on the SAT.
  2. The essay may be required by some colleges and universities. To find out a particular school’s essay policies go to: