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Update from PVHS

Hello PVHS Community,

We wanted to reach out to provide an update about the current situation with the COVID-19 postponement of classes in 27J and PVHS. We know that this is an unprecedented event and we appreciate all your support, understanding and flexibility over the last 48 hours. As we get more information we will be sure to communicate to you all so we can provide a consistent message to all families.  We appreciate how everyday our staff and students model our Core Values of HAWKS (Honest, Accountable, Welcoming, Knowledgeable, School Spirited). To continue to use our values as a vehicle to frame how we operate at PVHS, please find the latest updates below.

Honest:  We as a school district are being very thoughtful and intentional with every change and update we provide. Honestly, we do not have all of the answers to every aspect of this situation.  We continue to make sure we are doing what is best for our students and community. We want to avoid rushing to decisions before we know all the facts and possible implications.  

School is postponed-  We will treat these days as such.  We will be making them up at some point.  Whether that is an extension of the year into June or having school on Mondays is the question.  At this point it has not been decided on how we will make it up but we should have that decision soon.
Accountable:  We have high expectations for our staff and students.  Our mission at PVHS is to Invest in the personal growth and promote the Academic Success of every student.  Learning and Thinking is paramount in our school.  We want students to engage in their education but during this time that may prove difficult for most students.  Student will not be expected to complete NEW assignments during this time.

Expectations for Teachers and Students-  These next 4 1/2 days will have no expectations for students to engage with or complete any future assignments or learning experiences (via Google Classroom, Schoology etc.) over the next week.  For equity and access reasons it is not fair to assume all students have reliable internet connection or resources to access their education. We will not continue to assign new work or content to your students over the next week.  If students are contacting teachers and are working on make up assignments please encourage them to do so but nothing new will be expected to be completed.
Welcoming:  We welcome any questions or concerns you might have in the coming days.  We ask for patience as we honestly do not have all the answers. Our school and community are partners in our students' education and we welcome you to engage in that partnership.

Access to PVHS and getting personal items:    As yesterday’s developments in the Coronavirus situation dictated that we suspend classes at all 27J schools immediately, we will be providing limited access to most school facilities (excluding Reunion Elementary and Riverdale Ridge High) to allow students, parents and staff to retrieve essential belongings that may have been left in our buildings. This window of access will run from 8-11 AM on Monday, March 16.
FREE MEALS/FOOD PROGRAM:  27J Nutrition Services will provide FREE meals for children (ages 1-18) from Tuesday, 3/17 through Friday, 3/20. Meals will be available at pick-up locations via walk-up or drive-thru from 11 AM - 1 PM.  Any child, regardless of what school they attend, may receive free meals. No paperwork is required. Families will be provided (per child present): one lunch for that day and one breakfast for the next day.  Pick-Up locations are:Overland Trail Middle--North Lot (455 North 19th Ave.) and Vikan Middle--West Lot (879 Jessup St.)
Deep Clean of PVHS:   District Facilities is coordinating and planning on a deep clean of the entire campus to minimize the  chance to further spread illness. We also are working to do this in conjunction with the current construction and building plan for our new addition.
Knowledgeable:  We strive to do our due diligence and model informed decision making.  We are trusting in the expertise Tri-County Health and our partners to make sure all Thunderhawks are safe.  We also are being knowledgeable and realistic in creating an online learning platform overnight for students and staff.  This is very difficult and will prove to further impact the school.

No E-Learning Environment will be used-  We are not going to rush to create an online high school environment for students to keep classes going next week.  For equity purposes for both our students and staff we do not want to create a situation that is not fair access to content or type of education in all classes (Not sure how we create an online class for Welding and Building trades in 3 days).
School-Spirited:  We are completely aware of the impact this has had on our extra-curriculars.   So much of a comprehensive highschool’s culture and climate is connected to these events.  We will work to create ways to recapture these experiences to make sure our students are able to have positive memories once we return to school.

Updates on Events: We are awaiting more information from other organizations that help with these events (i.e CHSAA, World Strides, CU Event Center etc.).  Right now we do not know what will happen with athletic seasons. We have no information on Prom at The Gaylord. Graduation will happen but we are in a holding pattern to get more information from the CU Event Center since they host a large amount of graduations in the month of May.  We will work with our Student Counsel to plan assemblies when we return.
Thank you for being a part of our community and entrusting us with your students.  Our aim is to provide great learning experiences and create positive high school memories for our Thunderhawks.  We will continue to coordinate and provide more information to our community as we receive it. Stay safe and enjoy time with your student.


Michael Burke, Principal