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Senior Yard Sign Pick Up and Celebration


Your Senior Yard Signs are here and we have something in store for you! We would like for the Senior Class of 2020 to join us at the school on Wednesday April 29th to pick up your yard sign. (Even if you did not sign up for one on the initial email, please stop by to pick one up as they are free to all PVHS seniors!)

Here are the details and we need you to follow and adhere to each expectation.

Wed., April 29
(Please bring your student ID or have your ID up on Infinite Campus as you enter the lot)
Last Names A-L 11:00-12:00
Last Names M-Z 12:15-1:15

The staff will be at the school on Wednesday to cheer you on in a mini parade around the school as you pick up your sign. We will be sending out a video to all of you about how to enter the facility and the directions to follow.

During your last name time slot you will:
enter the Orchard Church parking lot on the west side coming in off of Peoria and Thunderhawk Way behind the church
you will follow the line of cars around to the front of the church and into the A parking lot.
please follow the signs based on your last name. Once in your lane, you will stop and a staff member will put the sign in your back seat and check your name off.
you will then proceed into the main lot where you will stop in front of the decorated marquee, get out of your car with your sign and a staff member will take a picture
you will then get back into your car and follow the signs to the street between the school and the stadium where the PVHS staff will greet you from their cars with signs and noise makers to cheer you on as you drive along the street.
follow the street behind the school and you will exit off of Thunderhawk Way and onto Peoria

Guidelines you MUST follow:
Please show up at your designated time slot so we can make this process work as best as we can. (If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Ms. Bates for other arrangements.)
Only 1 sign per family (we might have some left that we will sell at a later date)
We request that only the student is in the vehicle. (If the situation warrants it, younger siblings and an adult can be in the vehicle, however this is strongly discouraged) Do not bring your friends, classmates, etc with you. We have to follow the social distancing policies very strictly in order for this to work. We will turn vehicles away who do not follow these processes.

You must remain in your vehicle at all times except when it is time to take your picture.
When it is time for the picture, you are the only one who can be in the siblings, family members, friends etc.
Family members cannot get out to take pictures. Family members, students or other community members cannot join us in the parking lot or on the parade route.
Once you are on the parade route, you must stay in your car and continue driving. Please do not exit your vehicle for any reason and please maintain proper distances between you and the staff members who will be there to cheer you on.
Once you are done with the parade route you must exit the property. We will not allow students to hang out, gather, etc on school or church property.
The school and its facilities (bathrooms) will be locked and unavailable.

We want this to be a fun, celebratory moment for all of our seniors, so please assist us in following the route and in adhering to the above expectations.

Thank you,

PVHS Staff