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PVHS Weekly Senior Update

PVHS Senior Weekly Update

UPDATE: May 4th 2020: 

Seniors, we will be starting the 1st wave of senior check out on May 14th and 15th for those seniors who are currently in good standing with grades, credits earned, community service hours completed and FEES are 100% paid in full. Seniors will receive an email from their counselor IF they are on this list and can plan to come for the 1st wave of check out.

The steps below MUST be completed in order to be part of our 1st wave of senior check out: 

Be passing ALL Classes needed for graduation.
Pay all outstanding fees. Do find balance due, login to Infinite Campus, click on fees, be sure the dropdown says unpaid fees. 
If you owe fees, you will need to pay online through this LINK. Must have an account, or create one to pay online. If you can NOT pay online, you will need to contact Lillian Green who can take a payment over the phone. Her number is 720-515-0593 or you can email her and she will call you back. 

Be sure to gather all items that need to be returned to the school and bring with you for check out; Books, calculators, etc. Reminder if these things are NOT returned you will have an outstanding fee. 
Completed the senior exit survey! There will be a question within the survey asking if you need to collect your belongings from your locker. Those who have indicated YES on this survey will be allowed access during the senior check out progress (1 @ a time with security).  Below is the link for the senior exit survey.

Class of 2020,  we will be sending out weekly updates to keep you informed about upcoming information, tasks and items we need you to complete as we get closer to the end of the year.  Please continue to work with your counselor for specific needs you might have in the coming weeks.  You all need to complete graduation requirements by May 19th.  This includes passing all required credits (46), Community Service hours, and Naviance Tasks.

F Lists:  As of May 4th, there are 10 pages of Seniors with current F’s in classes. If you intend to graduate on time then you need to engage with all of your teachers and ensure that your grade is passing. Counselors have emailed each of their seniors who currently have an F in any classes that are necessary for you to complete all 46 credits to graduate.  It is your job to work with your teachers to improve all current grades by May 19th so you have all of your credits. UPDATE: Seniors MUST be checking emails and communicating with teachers. You will be retained if you do NOT pass needed classes for graduation/diploma. 

Credit Recovery: Session 6 has begun, as well as COVOID class opportunities given to seniors. YOU MUST contact your counselor ASAP if you think you will NOT pass a current needed course for graduation. 

Class of 2020 Yard Signs: The signs have been ordered and should be ready soon.  Mrs. Bates is working on a plan to distribute these signs to seniors.  Please pay attention to all announcements that will be sent out once we are ready to get the signs to you.  More info to follow this week.

BYU Class:  If you are currently taking a needed BYU online course for graduation, you MUST remember to indicate PVHS as your high school in order to get the final. Please reach out to your counselor if you are unsure of how to do this. You will have to take your final online virtually with a BYU proctor FYI. This final needs to[\e completed by May 15th as it takes them a few days to grade and email your transcript to counselors. 

Community Service:  If you have completed all 20 hours of Community Service please send all the necessary documentation to your counselor and confirm that you have completed this requirement.  If you are still needing to complete Community Service hours please refer to this document:  Remote Learning Community Service.  Contact your counselor to discuss how you can work together on this document to complete this requirement.

Fees:  All seniors fees must be paid to participate in graduation.  Payments can be made through the RevTrack  on the district website:  ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CAP/GOWN/CORDS. You can also email Lillian Green at if you can’t pay online. She can take phone payments. 

Senior Check Out:  We will be starting our senior check out process for those seniors who are currently in good standing with grades, credits earned, community service hours completed and FEES are 100% paid in full, on May 14th and 15th. Seniors will receive an email from their counselor IF they are on this list and details on what timeslot to attend. 

Scholarship Awards: Seniors, we need to know about any scholarship awards you have been offered. This could be from multiple colleges, not just the college you are planning on attending. Scholarship awards from colleges can include merit based, athletic or skills based scholarship. (Art, Music, trade school, etc).  This also includes any local scholarships you have earned. Please email Mrs. Bailon with your scholarship award amounts and where they are coming from. REMINDER: IF YOU EARN MORE MONEY THAN CLASS OF 2019, MR. BURKE HAS AGREED TO GETTING A 2020 TATTOO! 

Final Transcripts: Please remember to Log into Naviance and change your status to “attending” to the college you want your final transcript sent to. If this step is not done, we will NOT be able to send final transcripts for you. 

Virtual Graduation Planning: We have discussed and made plans moving forward with our Virtual Ceremony.  In the attempt to keep the ceremony special and memorable we have enlisted the services of a videographer to capture all aspects of our graduation ceremony so we can compile everything into one large production that will be broadcast at a later date.  This plan will require all speakers to record their parts in the coming weeks.  We will have our Valedictorian and Salutatorians record their speeches along with the Board of Education guests, the Superintendent and Ms. Morris with her address to the Class of 2020.  The most important and essential piece of the ceremony we will be recording is ALL graduates walking across the stage, in their cap and gown, cap decorated, honor cords, stoles, PVHS medallion and receiving their diploma in person.  We are still working on the logistics for this part of the ceremony but we feel it is essential to do it in person with parents able to witness their student getting their diploma.  Tentatively we are shooting for June 12th (to account for construction to be finished) to have all graduates come to PVHS in small groups by alpha to complete this portion of the ceremony. Graduates will be walking across the stage with all our PVHS decorations and stage that previous classes have used over the past 4 years.  There will be a professional photographer there as well to capture each graduate in cap and gown with their diploma.  As graduates leave they will receive your graduation packet with all awards, graduation programs, and your official diploma.  We appreciate everyone's flexibility as we try to plan for this in such a short amount of time.  More details will be coming out soon.