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PVHS Virtual Graduation at the Drive In Final Details

2020 Virtual Graduation Viewing Opportunities

Dates:  Tuesday June 30 

             Wednesday July 1     

             Thursday July 2

Time: The gates will open at 7:30 p.m. however, the viewing of the virtual ceremony will not start until approximately 8:30 p.m. (when it starts to get dark).

Location: Denver Mart Drive-In 451 East 58th Ave Denver 80216

Audio: The sound system with both stadium speakers and microphone will be available and will be transmitted via FM radio once video begins.

Graduates are invited to watch the premiere of their virtual ceremony at the Denver Mart Drive-In off of I-25 and 58th Ave in Denver. 

Capacity is limited, so every car that attends the premier must have a graduate in it and must have a ticket that matches the student in the vehicle for the appropriate night.  Please bring your student ID and have it ready as you enter the facility

Family members are invited to attend but must be in the car with their graduate.  Each graduate is only allowed one car on his/her designated night. 

Graduates must be wearing their cap and tassel to be admitted.  All members of the vehicle must remain in their cars at all times except when it is time for the graduates to move their tassels. ONLY the graduate may be out of the car to do so.  (Please be respectful of this event and refrain from throwing hats at the end of the ceremony.)

Flashing headlights and honking horns is a fun way to share in the excitement and enthusiasm! 

A link to on-demand streaming will be made available on Prairie View’s website once the Drive In Nights are complete. Graduates, families, and friends can watch the streamed simulcast from anywhere with an internet connection.

Please the attached sheets for further information regarding the Drive In requirements for each car

We can’t wait to see you this week!