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PVHS Therapy Dog 2020-2021

PVHS Therapy Dog Information

Dear Parents,

We want to share an opportunity this year with students that has been approved by our distinct to support students. 27J has approved therapy dogs to work in a select group of schools and PVHS is one of the schools selected.  Micky, an English Setter/Great Pyrenees mix,  has been trained and certified to be an Animal Assisted Therapy dog to work with students this year.  

This means that Micky has completed training and assessments certifying that he is an appropriate candidate to work with people and to help with concerns such as:   anxiety, social skills, focusing issues, self-esteem, teamwork, hard to motivate students, students that have difficulty communicating and kids who are working through sadness and other challenges.  This also means that Mrs. Shaw (one of PVHS Mental Health staff) has attended training to learn techniques and strategies in order to work with Micky as a team to help our students at PVHS.  

What does this mean for PVHS?

Micky will be:

Coming to school 1 to 2 days per week to work with students.  He will only be at school on the day(s) he will be working with students. (This can be adjusted for current cohort groups)
Working ONLY with individual students or groups of students that have specific parent/guardian or age appropriate student permission (age 15) to work with him.                                                       
Staying in his office space in Mrs. Shaw’s office in the B-wing when he is not working with students.
Clearly identified by wearing his working “Therapy Dog” vest.
ONLY allowed near students who DO NOT have allergies or aversions to dogs.
This ALSO means:

Micky MAY be in classrooms (depending on teacher consent and in accordance with parent/student wishes.)
He will NOT wander freely on school grounds.  He will be on a leash at all times.
The school policy HAS NOT changed about dogs being allowed on school grounds.  
Parents MUST let Mrs. Shaw know if they are not comfortable with their student interacting with Micky.

Mrs. Shaw welcomes any comments, questions, and concerns you may have.  Also, please contact her as soon as possible if you DO NOT want your student to interact with the therapy dog in ANY setting due to allergy, aversion or for any other reason so that she can be sure to respect your wishes. Mrs. Shaw can be reached by phone at 303-655-8842 or email her at