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PVHS: COVID and Quarantine Update

Hello Thunderhawk Community,

There have been continued questions and speculation about how and what is reported out from PVHS concerning COVID cases and quarantine situations.  We wanted to clarify again the processes and levels of what will be shared with the community concerning positive COVID cases.  27J District Health and Intervention Services is the  central department that is collaborating with Tri-County Health and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. They are tasked with the responsibility to “Contact Trace” and to communicate  decisions about who needs to quarantine due to potential exposure.  PVHS administration and staff do not make these decisions and do not share any information about who is positive for COVID and who might be exposed due to possible HIPPA violations and violating a student or staff member’s privacy.  If the community would like to get more information about these processes we would invite you to contact Tri-County Health to gain more knowledge.

In an effort to keep our parents, staff and community informed, 27J Schools recently shared our COVID-19 Dashboard.  The dashboard is designed to provide information regarding COVID-19 reported confirmed cases, active cases, and cohort quarantines. The dashboard reflects information that has been reported to the district from staff and students participating in remote and in-person learning and will be updated weekly.  We encourage you to view the dashboard at for more information on current cases in our district.

Recently we have had to quarantine a small cohort due to exposure to a positive person. The school district and Tri-County Health are only notifying those who were a "close contact" which is within 6ft for 15 minutes or longer, direct contact, or not wearing a mask when around this person. We work with TCHD to identify close contacts and if you were not notified, your child was not a close contact and at risk of exposure. Overall we have maintained a consistent adherence to our Layers of Protection and they are working, they are mitigating transmission within our schools. Cohorting is a layer of protection and limits the number of students and staff that we must quarantine when someone becomes positive. 

The average size of a “small cohort” has approximately 30-40 students and only 4 adults.  As a school we will rotate in and out of these cohorts based on numbers of exposure and positive cases.  We continue to strive to keep In-Person learning as an option for our students because we know how important it is for our students to have connections with their teachers and the structure of coming on campus to feel like a normal high school student.  If you would like to talk more about this with PVHS please feel free to contact Mr. Burke.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration,

Michael Burke, Principal

Layers of Protection-COVID-