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Updated Tech Support for PVHS Students ONLY:

Updated Tech Support for PVHS Students ONLY:

As we move towards remote learning, the district will be putting out guidelines about how students can get assistance. We want to emphasize this should only be for instances where all other tech support has been tried first. 

The best and easiest way for PVHS students to get support, is to either email or call (303) 655-2999 with all of their information. They should include their Chromebook serial number, any error messages, screenshots, and their contact information. This will help our team to get them support in a timely manner. Teachers will refer all students to email straight to and it will automatically create a ticket for our team to help them.  We plan on supporting all PVHS students at the school. In the event you need to exchange your device, you can email to receive additional instructions on how and when you can do so.  Mrs. Krueger will also be available T-Th (8a-12p) for device exchanges.  In the event you are not able to make it to PVHS for technical support needs, please see the schedule below with District Tech support at the various locations below.

27J Student Tech Support Locations and Times

Monday 8am-5pm

District Training Room

80 S 8th Avenue, Brighton

Tuesday 12pm-5pm

Riverdale Ridge High School

13380 Yosemite Street, Thornton

Wednesday 12pm-5pm

Stuart Middle School

15955 E 101st Way, Commerce City

Thursday 12pm-5pm

Prairie View High School

12909 E 120th Avenue, Henderson