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PVHS 2021-2022 Course Registration Information

Good Evening Thunderhawk Families, 

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working with your students surrounding Registration for the 2021-2022 school year. Students received an electronic registration form which allows them to review their credits, as well as select courses they want/need to take next year. This week students began inputting their course requests into Infinite Campus as their final step. 

The student advisory lessons are posted on the PVHS Counseling Website under 2021-2022 Registration Information (linked below).  Please look over the information and talk to your student about completing the process as soon as possible.  The video and directions are there to help your student needs help in finishing this process and to also allow parents and guardians a chance to see how the registration process works.   We really need this process completed as soon as possible so we are able to build our Master Schedule and ensure all students are in the proper classes for next year. If you or your student have specific questions about class options, etc. please email your counselor. 

Have a great evening and thank you,


PVHS 2021-2022 Course Registration Information:

Jose Cardona ALL 9th grade students A-Z; 303-655-8965 

Amy Bailon 10-12th grade students A-Ca; 303-655-8824

Sheila Haris 10-12th grade students Ce-Go; 303-655-8827

Gina Zelkin 10-12th grade students Gp-Ma; 303-655-8821

Jenna Alba 10-12th grade students Mb-Ro; 303-655-8825

Kristi Nistel 10-12th grade students Rp-Z; 303-655-8822