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Prairie View High School of Business Job Fair October 14th, 2021

Thunderhawk Community

Prairie View High School of Business will be performing a Job Fair for our Business Students on October 14th, 2021and we need your help.  The PVHSB Job Fair is meant to give our students the opportunity to practice their job interviewing skills to help prepare them for their future.  We are seeking local businesses to help with this process.  While the purpose of this Job Fair is for student learning, there is an opportunity for local businesses to find and hire the right candidate that they may be looking for.  

The way the Job Fair is structured, students will be applying for a “general cashier” position in which we will provide all of our volunteer interviewers a list of potential questions to ask.  Students will prepare themselves to be interviewed for a cashier position.   We will provide every volunteer with a rubric on how to grade the students from a scale of 0-12.  The Job Fair will be conducted virtually this year and we would request your help in 1 hour 45 minute slots.  

PVHSB has roughly 150 students who will be participating in the job fair this fall and expect the same amount of students in the spring.  This is a great opportunity for students to not only practice their interview skills, but meet business professionals in the area.  This is also a great opportunity for local business professionals to be involved with a local high school (All of which helps build relationships within the community).

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached google form to register.  We really appreciate your time in helping students grow, not only as students, but as future professionals.  Thank you again for your time.