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PVHS: Parking and Pick up Reminders

Thunderhawk Families,

We have noticed some concerns regarding our parking lots, and our student pick up and drop off areas.  For the safety of our students and staff, please comply with the following guidelines:

The only approved pick up and drop off areas are in the east parking lot, along the south side of the building, and in the north east corner of the west parking lot.  Please also refrain from using the bus loop, on the south west side of the building, for student drop off/pick up.  This area is for busses and is off limits for all other vehicles.
Parents, please do not park in the parking lots behind the school, those are staff parking areas only.   We have had issues with parents double parking.  This is both a concern for staff members trying to leave, and a safety concern should an emergency occur.
There is no public parking between the stadium and baseball fields.
There is no parking on the paved pad between the north east parking lot and the baseball field.
Do not pick up students on 120th in the merge lane/turn lane
Students may not cross in the middle of 120th
Lastly, the west parking lot is used for practice by our marching band on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This lot will be closed by 4:50 so the band can prepare for practice at 5:00.  Vehicles that are left in the lot will be ticketed, and towed on the second offense.
Thank you for helping us keep our students and staff safe in our parking lots.