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Quarter 2 Parent Teacher Conferences 21-22

PVHS Parent Teacher Conferences for Quarter 2 November 8th 5:00pm-7:00pm

Parent teacher conferences are held once a quarter in order for parents/guardians to have opportunities to build relationships with their child’s teacher. Due to the COVID-19 Epidemic, conferences will be held virtually for two hours November 8th during Quarter 2 starting at 5:00 p.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m.  Additionally, teachers will be calling home this week for any students that need to have additional support based on performance thus far in Quarter 2. We will be doing quarterly conferences this year to ensure our students and their families are connected and able to collaborate with our teachers in supporting each student’s academic success.  Below are the department links with the list of teachers in each link. Simply click on the link and a moderator will put you in a breakout room with the teacher you wish to connect with.  We might experience a high number of parents connecting so please be patient as we attempt this new format for conferences. If you are not able to attend on November 8th  we strongly encourage you to reach out to your student’s teachers to set up a phone conference at another time to check in and learn about the class and your student’s progress.  We look forward to meeting you and connecting to support your student this quarter and the whole school year.


Each department will have their own Zoom meeting link. In that meeting, all people associated with that department will be in “waiting room” status until a parent joins. Once a parent joins, the moderator will ask the parent/guardian which teacher they would like to conference with in the chat. Once the parent replies, the moderator will put the parent and the teacher in a breakout room to have individual conversations. Once a teacher is done with an individual meeting, they will come back to the main room and then go to the next parent/guardian. 

November 8th Quarter 2 Conferences Zoom Links

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Zoom Moderator

Zoom Link


Jenny Baldoni
Rachel Bilardi
Anthony Cadena
Joelle Galceran
Rob Gleichmann
Lacie Mallander
Chris Martinez
Jill Nguyen(OHANA)
Samantha Morris
Kevin O’Brien
Nicole Ramirez
Laura Watling
Gelrod  (IL)

English Conference Room


William Baber
Eric Bierbauer
Jacquie Brown (AVID)
Jennifer Ehrlich
Rick George
Nate Giacoma
Chad Goertz
Denny Hart (Engineering)
Lora McCabe
Robert Rice
Beth Spangler
Molly Whitaker

Math Conference Room

Social Studies:

Rebekah Banks
Kelsey Estes
Tracy Hays
Michael Joshi
Joe McKain
Erin Mendt
Neil Ramirez
Joe Sabo
Patrick Steil
Joe Swanson

Social Studies Conference Room


Matt Brown (Bio Medical)
Alan Cobb
Greg Dunn
Molly Giuliano
Lindsey Kavallar(Bio Medical)
Liz Musarra
Ty Overboe
Izzy Pawlak
Greg Quenzer
Veronica Randall(Bio Medical)
Danny Runkel

Science Conference Room


Band-Mr. Waggoner
Theater:  Emily Barber
Choir:  Madeline Gardner
Art:  Elizabeth Castor, Dakota Martin, Tyler Hobbs
Physical Education:  Ria Woodruff, Chris Lopez, Jessie Mills, Brandin Becher, Brooke Vanderweit
World Language: Roman Castorena, Marie Faurie, Nila Garcia, Dulce Herrera Castorena, Teresa Woolworth


Electives Conference Room


Welding- Jim Cade
Building Trades- Adam Nelson
Computer Science- John Layton
Business- Danny Badaroux,Corbin Jones, Jean Schneider
Engineering- Tami Hart
Family Consumer Science- Shawna Karl. Nicole Dolan

CTE Conference Room


Joiegh Cardona
Sheila Harris
Mary Beth McKinney
Liz Morrone
Kristi Nistel
Gina Zelkin

Counseling Conference Room


Susan Baber
Delanie Burchfield
Gina Francalancia-Cancienne
Cory Johnson
Ally Meyer
Megan Murray
Kim Roberts
Devon Schnorr
John Shea

SPED Conference Room